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I’m a homeworker myself and have been in the cottage craft industry for the past 10 years Supplies are minimal, affordable and easy to find at any fabric store. West Art W. W omen and minorities have joined their ranks. In general, though, Campaign Managers work intensively on one campaign at a time whereas political co nsultants j uggle a va riety o f ca mpaigns a t once.


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Yet, f or all t he w onders o f mo dern t echnology, there is no substi tute f or c urling u p o n t he co uch with a g ood boo k. The r esearch f or t his b ook involved co untless tr ips t o lib raries a nd s chool career centers. How This Book Is Organized Career O pportunities i n P olitics, Go vernment, a nd Activism is o rganized in to t hree ma in ca tegories, even t hough r eal lif e defies suc h sim ple gr oupings.

In reality, the three sectors often overlap. For instance, Lobbyist, which is in the Activism section of the book because of its links to nonprofit organizations and interest groups, could easily have been included in t he Politics s ection alo ngside Political Consultant. If a job ti tle strikes y ou, c hances a re t hat y ou a re o n t he r ight track, no matter where in t he book the position is described. The Career Profile on the left summarizes the main duties, alternate titles, salary ranges, employment p rospects, a nd p rerequisites o f ed ucation, experience, and special skills.

The Career Ladder diagram on the right shows a typ ical ca reer p ath, inc luding t he p ositions above a nd b elow e ach job. I f a job is en try le vel, the positions of Student, Intern, or Volunteer often precede it. Position Description Every effort has been made to provide well-rounded descriptions t hat nei ther g lamorize no r denigra te jobs that are sometimes controversial, bureaucraticsounding, a nd p erplexing t o o utsiders. What kinds of questions need to be answered?

What types of projects are handled? Each job in this book in volves a mix o f r esponsibilities, w hich a re often bulleted for easy reading. Salaries Salary ra nges a re bas ed o n ei ther sur veys b y national ass ociations o r t he U.

S ometimes, t hough, s alaries might rise or fall a bit in response to economic or political changes. Also, you might find jobs t hat fall b elow o r a bove t he g eneral ra nge, as s alaries vary f rom o ne em ployer a nd g eographic lo cation to the next. Employment Prospects Employment p rospects f or job s eekers a re ra nked on a s cale f rom p oor t o fa ir, g ood, o r ex cellent.

When em ployees r etire o r ne w jobs a re cr eated, xvi employment prospects generally improve for newcomers. Also, expect same changes due to economic or political trends. Advancement Prospects Advancement prospects deal with your chances of moving up once you get the job. Often, job holders can move in a variety of directions—private, public, and no nprofit—good ne ws f or a nyone wi th a fa ir amount of ambition or wanderlust.

Education, Experience, Personality Traits For s ome p ositions, grad uate degr ees a re im portant, whereas for others experience is k ey. Because civil service exams are not required by most federal jobs and vary so much from one municipality and state to the next, t hey are rarely mentioned in t his section. On a mo re p ersonal le vel, dedica tion, co mmitment, a nd ha rd w ork count f or a gr eat de al in this field. If you are looking for an easy, uncomplicated job, you are in t he wrong place.

The jobs in this b ook a re men tally a nd emo tionally c hallenging. Em ployers wa nt p eople dedica ted eno ugh t o weather t he ine vitable s etbacks t hat c haracterize working for the public good. Unions and Associations Professional ass ociations a nd s ome unio ns p rovide valuable information and services to job seekers, including job p ostings, conferences, and other networking p ossibilities.

I n addi tion, ass ociations such as t he N ational A ssociation o f S chools o f Public Affairs and Administration link colleges and universities in particular fields of study. Tips for Entry This section provides valuable advice on ways to get your foot in t he door, find jobs, and locate sources for addi tional inf ormation. The opportunities abound, s o get involved in whatever way most suits your interests.

How t o Run f or Political Office—the Basics is a st ep-by-step guide t o w hat is r equired to get your name on the ballot and your campaign headed f or vic tory. The s ection F requently A sked Questions a bout t he Ci vil S ervice dem ystifies the process of applying for government jobs.

The Graduate School Programs Appendix lists na mes, addresses, phone numbers, and websites of hig her-education programs, inc luding t hose in p ublic affairs, public administration, a nd p ublic p olicy.

You ca n g o o n-line f rom y our co mputer at ho me—or in a s chool o r p ublic lib rary—and find professional associations, surf library catalogs, and browse job ads. All t he websites mentioned in this book were accessible when it was b eing written. H owever, s ometimes w eb addr esses c hange, so if you find one that does not work, try scanning the home page for a new location. Another option is t o enter k eywords into a s earch en gine suc h as Google. This Book Is Yours By picking up this book, you already have taken the first st ep t oward finding a r ewarding ca reer.

C url up on the couch and have fun reading it. The jobs in t his book will allow you to use your mind a nd s atisfy y our s oul. And get involved in something to make the world a better place.

The job of your dreams will follow. Good luck! Al though ca ndidates ma y ha ve v eto power o ver s ome k ey decisio ns, C ampaign M anagers usually have authority over everything else.

Campaign Managers he ad u p t he va rious elemen ts o f t he ca mpaign—fund-raising, f ield o perations, a nd ad vertising, a mong t hem—allowing st aff a nd k ey v olunteers to make their own decisions about details of operation.

Campaign Managers work to ensure that all t hese different elements mesh smoothly and on time. Sometimes, p olitical co nsultants do uble as C ampaign Managers. In general, though, Campaign Managers work intensively on one campaign at a time whereas political co nsultants j uggle a va riety o f ca mpaigns a t once. Sometimes, too, Campaign Managers hire political consultants for sp ecialized t asks such as f und-raising o r ad vertising. Ano ther p ossibility is f or t he tw o to w ork side b y side o n t he s ame ca mpaign, as p olitical co nsultants p rovide s easoned ad vice t o C ampaign Managers c hosen f or t heir ties t o t he distr ict a nd t he candidate.

Because the position of Campaign Manager requires considerable experience, most individuals have worked their wa y u p t o i t, st arting o ut as v olunteers o r lo wlevel staffers. From there, they assume more responsible 4 Campaign Manager Campaign Staffer Experience—Two to 10 years Special S kills and P ersonality T raits—Able t o work well with the candidate; politically savvy; well organized; ener getic; o ptimistic; g oal-oriented; ethical positions, including field coordinator, finance director, and assistant campaign manager.

The typ ical ca mpaign s eason r uns f rom A pril t o November, wi th t he C ampaign M anager o n call 24 hours a da y. On as suming the position, the Campaign Manager usually helps the candidate draft a ca mpaign plan, a b lueprint for the next s everal months.

Days a re usuall y pac ked wi th ac tivity, as t he C ampaign M anager tra vels wi th t he ca ndidate t o en sure that everything runs smoothly.

A typ ical day might start at 6 a. I n the middle o f the night, the candidate might call with a new plan for mobilizing voters or a quick reminder that a lo cal family of supporters is expecting a lawn sign. The plan, for instance, might call for a set of newspaper ads in August. By then, the Campaign Manager should already know how much t he ads will cos t and what they are going to say. Salaries Industry specialists say that salaries vary by the level of office s ought b y t he ca ndidate—the hig her t he o ffice, the hig her t he s alary of t he C ampaign Manager.

Most campaigns r un f rom A pril t o N ovember, al though presidential campaigns are generally considerably longer—about 18 months.

Campaign M anagers f or U. Employment Prospects Employment prospects are fair because Campaign Managers must compete for a limi ted number of p ositions, some o f w hich mig ht g o t o t heir mo re s easoned p eers in the political consulting industry.

Typically, Campaign Managers head up three to five campaigns before choosing a more steady line of work, insiders say. Some Campaign Managers land high-level positions in government such as c hief of staff or press secretary. Others become political pa rty o peratives o r p olitical co nsultants.

S till others r eturn t o t heir o riginal line o f w ork, w hether i t is law, education, or something else. Rarely does a Campaign Manager spend 20 to 30 years in the field. Advancement Prospects Advancement prospects are good because a solid record of winnin g elec tions o pens u p do ors. A s uccessful Campaign Manager can advance to larger, more influential races o r la nd a p osition in W ashington, D.

S ometimes, too, Campaign Managers decide to run for office. Education and Training Although ha nds-on exp erience is vi tal, in siders agr ee that a bac kground in cer tain academic a reas ca n b e helpful.

C ostas P anagopoulos, ex ecutive dir ector o f the Political C ampaign M anagement P rogram a t N ew York University, recommends that undergraduates take courses in political science, communications, and marketing.

As p olitical ca mpaigns ha ve b ecome incr easingly complex, ne w degr ee-granting p rograms a nd sho rter intensives ha ve sp routed u p in t he f ield o f p olitical management. Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits Campaign exp erience is cr ucial, as C ampaign Managers perform the role of generals heading up an army of campaign workers and volunteers.

Although the Campaign Manager need no t be an expert in all asp ects of the campaign, he or she should be familiar enough with each o f t he va rious elemen ts t o mak e inf ormed decisions. Most C ampaign M anagers ha ve w orked in a p osition of responsibility in a t least one or two campaigns, although they need not have held t he top position.

For instance, someone might go from being finance director of a U. On a personal level, the Campaign Manager must be able to work well with the candidate. Insiders say that candidates generally spend more time with their Campaign Manager than with their spouse. Campaign Managers also should be politically savvy, well o rganized, ener getic, a nd g oal-oriented. Their number one goal: winning the election. However, they should not compromise their strong s ense of ethics in the process.

S ome Campaign Managers have lost t heir membership in p rofessional ass ociations b y en gaging in unet hical ac tivities s uch as sp ying o n t he o pposition. Network: in t his, as in ma ny p olitical p ositions, jobs are rarely advertised. Without t heir ha rd w ork, ma ny ca mpaigns would come to a grinding halt. Often, Finance Directors start out working on lowlevel races.

Many candidates contact a fund-raising consulting firm, which in turn, chooses a Finance Director for t he c lient. Firms often hire ne w Finance Directors on a temporary basis. Although the idea of asking people for money makes many individuals nervous, Finance Directors rarely do cold calling. If for example, a ne w Republican candidate is r unning for State Representative, the Finance Director will get records f rom the S ecretary of State of contributors from t he p revious ca ndidate.

Als o, F inance Dir ectors solicit mem bers o f ind ustry gr oups a ffected b y p olitical p olicy as p ersonal acq uaintances, s uch as co llege friends, of the client. Finance Dir ectors r esearch p otential do nors b efore they solicit them. By surfing the Internet, for instance, the F inance Dir ector mig ht f ind t hat a p rospective donor has pa rticipated in a lo cal c harity.

Usually, in t he partisan world of p olitics, F inance Dir ectors w ork f or ei ther D emocratic o r Rep ublican ca ndidates. Finance Dir ectors s olicit dif ferent typ es o f do nors differently.

F or lo w-level do nors, a ma il s olicitation often works well. Mid-level donors, on the other hand, like to be invited to events. Organizing a big fund-raising e vent is lik e planning a w edding. Myriad arrangements need to be made: the venue rented, refreshments ordered, and invitations sent out.

The ca ndidate is t he guest of honor. Af ter t he e vent, t hank-you notes need to be mailed. While f und-raising e vents a ttract ma ny mid-le vel donors, high-end donors often like to meet individually with t he candidate. For instance, t he Finance Director might take the prospective donor and candidate out to dinner. Finance Dir ectors w ork lo ng ho urs in t he mo nths before a n e lection. Da tabases n eed t o be co nstantly updated and checks deposited.

T ypically, Finance Dir ectors a re co ntracted t o w ork f rom a bout July 1 to November 8. Of ten, Finance Directors will b e awarded a bonus if the candidate wins. Employment Prospects Employment prospects are excellent because candidates need F inance Dir ectors t o ra ise mo ney f or t heir ca mpaigns. Many Finance Directors land political appointments o r grad uate t o la rger ca mpaigns, t hus cr eating new o penings f or job s eekers.

F inance Dir ectors w ho prove themselves in lo w-level races a re often hired for permanent positions with consulting firms. Advancement Prospects Advancement prospects are excellent because successful Finance Directors are in hig h demand. Finance Directors typ ically w ork t heir wa y u p f rom small t o la rger campaigns, wi th co ntracts b ecoming mo re l ucrative along t he wa y. M any ca ndidates als o o ffer a f inancial bonus for winning.

A F inance Dir ector f or a successful candidate might be hired as chief of staff for the new administra tion. H owever, suc h p olitical a ppointments carry little long-term security. Many Finance Directors become independent fundraising consultants. Whether working solo or starting a sizeable firm, they typically earn a p ercentage e.

M any f und-raising consultants offer a va riety of services e. Although a ma jor in eco nomics o r p olitical s cience is not necess ary, suc h co urses ca n b e hel pful. Experience, Skill, and Personality Traits Many F inance Dir ectors st art o ut as ca mpaign w orkers, in terns, o r assist ant f inance dir ectors. A y ear o f campaign experience usually qualifies an individual for a p osition as a F inance Dir ector f or a lo w-level ca mpaign or as an assistant finance director for a larger one.

The larger the race, the more experience the individual needs to assume the role of Finance Director. Finance Directors need to be well-organized, detailoriented, and tenacious.

Even when fund-raising prospects appear dim, they must keep on going, refusing to quit. Tips for Entry: 1. Become familiar with database software. Because Finance Directors us e computers to keep donor records, learning this skill will gi ve you a leg u p in this field. Get an internship with the highest-profile political campaign you can. In t he b road f ield o f p olitical co nsulting, M edia Strategists are t he communication exp erts. Producing a political ad is no simple matter.

Often, the process begins with a s eries of conference calls. W hat do t he ca ndidate, ca mpaign ma nager, a nd pollster want the TV, radio, and print ads to accomplish? Or should everything revolve around one theme? With such questions in mind , t he Media Strategist comes up with a concept for three or four ads. I ndividuals in t his field create ads f or all f orms of media—T V, radio, print, and direct-mail—but TV ads generally take the most time.

Media Strategists send their ideas of ads to the client and key personnel for review. The reviewers write comments and send the ideas back for revision. The Media Strategist t hen r evises t hem un til t hey win a pproval. Usually, t his me ans lining up a f ilm crew to do the camera work as well as arranging for the candidate and others to be available at various times for the shoot.

Like a movie being shot on location, TV campaign ads require a great deal of advanced planning. The Media Strategist would then interview several college students to see what they had to say. After picking the best students for the ad, the Media Strategist would decide on a va riety of lo cations—perhaps on t he athletic field, in a dorm room, and at the engineering lab.

In t he cas e o f o utdoor lo cations, t he Media S trategist would need to factor in the possibility of rain. Often media f irms have their own in-house editors to hel p wi th t he f inal st ages o f t he ad.

The ad mig ht need to be tweaked. Finally, when everyone is satisfied, the Media Strategist works on t he ac tual placement of the spot. The individual tries to arrange for the ad to air when it can win over targeted groups of voters. Dur ing no nelection y ears, a M edia S trategist is apt to be work on campaigns for corporations, associations, and other interest groups.

Media Strategists als o us e t heir slow times t o recruit ne w clients. The w ork sp eaks f or i tself, and, if successf ul, t he M edia S trategist la nds a ne w account. Salaries Salaries va ry according t o exp erience a nd t he a mount of b usiness t he f irm g enerates. B ig, p restigious f irms generally pay the highest salaries. Because work is done on a contract basis, Media Strategists who have worked in campaigns can bring in b usiness with them.

Generally, Media S trategists in W ashington, D. Employment Prospects Employment prospects are fair because there are a relatively small n umber o f media co nsulting f irms. One good way to break into consulting is t o first work as a press secretary or communications director for a political campaign. Since many political junkies meet on the campaign tra il, a p ress s ecretary o r co mmunications director is a pt to come into contact with a media co nsulting firm that might eventually have an opening.

Advancement Prospects Advancement p rospects a re fa ir b ecause o f t he co mpetitive nature of the field. Media Strategists rise or fall based o n t he q uality o f t heir w ork. S uccessful M edia Strategists generally become partners or start their own firms. However, experience and talent can be as us eful as advanced degrees.

Ideally a candidate will have experience in two or three of these fields. Firms look for political junkies who can think visually and communicate well. They should be able to develop a rapport with prospective c lients a nd, o nce hir ed, q uickly ga in t heir trust. M edia S trategists sho uld b e t he typ e o f p eople who stay calm w hen problems arise, as t hey inevitable will. During election years, long hours are the norm.

Tips for Entry 1. Get p olitical ca mpaign exp erience, ide ally as a press secretary. Watch TV news and talk shows that feature political guests to see how candidates handle the media.

Keep abreast of new developments in communication such as podcasts. Some o f t he incr ease co mes f rom ne w a ttempts t o professionalize t he ind ustry. The o ld a mateurs w ho traded in r umor and intrigue have given way to modern-day Op position Res earchers w ho ha ve mo re in common with librarians than spies.

They sp end much of t heir time dig ging t hrough p ublic r ecords, do cumenting facts. S ome media o utlets lac k t he r esources f or their own investigative reporters and s o welcome outside research.

F ending o ff a ttacks can be deadly in the heat of a campaign. A v ote to c ut teacher pay, f or in stance, mig ht b e em bedded in a co mplexly worded document. Often opposition research involves lo oking for differences b etween w hat o pponents s ay a nd w hat t hey do. For instance, has the opposing candidate taken contributions f rom p eople o r co mpanies at o dds wi th his or her issue p ositions? Has he o r she c hanged or f lipflopped on positions? On b igger ca mpaigns, Op position Res earchers also are involved in ra pid response.

If t heir clients are attacked, they find out if t he charges are factually correct or incorrect. The b igger t he ca mpaign, t he more likely the need is for daily research. W ork gets pa rticularly hec tic in t he mo nths le ading u p t o a N ovember elec tion, wi th Op position Res earchers putting in lo ng ho urs. The r oad t o t he t op is r elatively sho rt, compared to, say, a stockbroker whose growth potential is much greater. Employment Prospects Employment p rospects a re g ood b ecause ca ndidates are incr easingly t urning t o Op position Res earchers.

Most new hires are young. Many land jobs after proving themselves as interns. Advancement Prospects Advancement Prospects are good b ecause p eople w ho prove themselves rise up the hierarchy quickly. Education and Training Anyone interested in Op position Research should take college co urses t hat ho ne str ong r esearch a nd wr iting skills.

D ebate c lubs als o p rovide hel pful tra ining, enabling students to understand what goes into making a convincing argument. Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits Many indi viduals en ter t he f ield a fter w orking o n a political ca mpaign o r in terning f or a n exp erienced Opposition Res earcher. Intellectually ag gressive young people do b est in t his field.

Instead of taking anything at face val ue, t hey kno w t o dog gedly dig b eneath t he surface. Travel is a big part of the job, with Opposition Researchers often spending long hours alone, poring over documents.

After co llecting v oluminous a mounts o f inf ormation, they need t o organize it into a c lear and comprehensive r eport. G ood wr iting skills a re a m ust. S ince Opposition Researchers delve into the backgrounds of their c lients, t hey need a str ong s ense o f dis cretion.

M uch o f t he work of legitimate Opposition Researchers goes unheralded, making this line of work a poor choice for glory hounds. Join a debate team to hone your rhetorical skills. Take courses that require extensive research and writing.

Work on a political campaign. Call your st ate D emocratic or Republican party office t o f ind o ut t he na mes o f o pposition research firms in your area. Seek a n in ternship wi th a n o pposition r esearch firm.

I n t he pas t f ew decades, ind ustry s ources s ay, t he n umber o f P olitical C onsultants has gr own eno rmously, as ca mpaigns t hat o nce r elied on p olitical pa rties a nd v olunteers f or su pport ha ve increasingly t urned t o hig h-powered p rofessionals f or their t echnological exp ertise.

Increasingly, Political Consultants represent not only political ca ndidates b ut als o r eferendum co mmittees, interest gr oups, no nprofits, co rporations, a nd international concerns. A labor union, for example, might hire a Political Consultant to advise someone running for a leadership position or identify and mobilize support for a grassroots campaign. Unlike a C ampaign M anager, w ho w orks o n o ne campaign at a time, Political Consultants juggle a number o f dif ferent c lients, hel ping t hem win w hatever campaign they are waging.

S ome Political C onsultants double as lobbyists. Many f irms k eep t heir size small b y sub contracting out to specialists.

A Political Consultant specializing in media strategy, for example, might hire a crew to shoot Political Consultant Campaign Worker or Intern Special Skills and Personality Traits—Competitive; diplomatic; q uick-thinking; a nalytical; co mfortable in r ough-and-tumble w orld o f p olitics; willin g t o work long hours and travel an ad. Other firms, known as A —Z shops, have full inhouse production staffs.

The y ha ve s een cer tain pa tterns repeating themselves. In a typ ical ca mpaign, t he P olitical C onsultant is hired well before the client makes a f ormal announcement of candidacy. Early in t he campaign the Political Consultant de velops stra tegy a nd lo oks f or s upport. Can the candidate count on key figures in t he political party for financial support?

W hich events are most important for the candidate to attend? I f the ca mpaign p rogresses t o t he next le vel, t he P olitical Consultant is lik ely to make elaborate preparations for a nnouncement da y, p lanning p ress pac kets a nd endorsements for each stop. The f inal two weeks of the campaign is a time o f feverish ac tivity. C ampaign ads f ill t he a irwaves, a nd the candidate attends a nonstop array of events.

Phone banks swing into high gear to get out the vote. On election day, Political Consultants wait anxiously for preliminary, then final, results. Political Consultants celebrate wi th t he winner s a nd co mmiserate wi th t he losers. Before folding up shop, the Political Consultant might a rrange f und-raisers t o hel p a losin g ca ndidate recoup some of the campaign debt. Political Consultants charge clients fees for their services. F ees va ry b y t he le vel o f t he race , wi th j unior associates working on minor races e arning less mo ney than those working on major races.

S ometimes clients write in to t he co ntract a b onus f or winnin g. To p rotect against sharp drops in s alaries during nonelection years, most firms take a variety of clients.

Political Consultants also might screen clients to make sure they will be a ble t o pa y f or t heir s ervices. I n addi tion t o c lient fees, ma ny P olitical C onsultants r eceive siza ble co mmissions from advertising. Employment Prospects Employment prospects are good because political consulting is a ne w and rapidly growing industry.

Insiders say one needs only a home office equipped with phone lines, co mputers, fax es, a nd I nternet access t o s et u p shop as a P olitical C onsultant.

M ost o f t he estima ted 3, f irms t hat sp ecialize in ca mpaigns and elec tions have 10 o r f ewer st affers, acco rding t o No Pl ace for Amateurs: H ow P olitical Co nsultants A re Re shaping 14 American Democracy by Dennis Johanson. Many Political Consultants keep their operations small by subcontracting out to specialists when needed.

Although la unching a b usiness mig ht b e r elatively simple, keeping it going is co nsiderably more difficult. Competition for clients is fierce. Disagreements among partners can lead to acrimonious breakups.

Advancement Prospects Advancement prospects are good because junior associates can work t heir way up to s enior partner or launch their own business.

Political Consultants also can move into p ositions in r elated f ields suc h as p ublic r elations or lobb ying. B ecause o f t he co mpetitive na ture o f t he business, some Political Consultants leave the field after experiencing financial setbacks. Others, though, become big-name Political Consultants, basking in t he spotlight. They serve as consultants for TV shows such as The West Wing or provide political commentary on news shows. Academic courses can also be useful in honing the writing, a nalytical, a nd cr itical-thinking skills needed f or the job.

S ome 40 p ercent of Political C onsultants hold graduate degr ees, acco rding t o a sur vey b y t he P ew Center f or t he P eople a nd t he P ress. W ithin t he past few decades, t he ne w academic f ield of p olitical management has sp rung u p sp ecifically in r esponse t o t he growing complexity of political campaigns.

Programs in p olitical ma nagement fall in to tw o basic typ es: degr ee-granting a nd sho rt-term in tensive training. The national committees of t he D emocratic a nd Rep ublican P arties als o o ffer training programs. Before becoming a Political Consultant, an individual might have worked as a campaign manager, political party operative, or press secretary. Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits Most individuals in this field are political junkies drawn to t he t hrill o f co mpetition.

In the competitive world of p olitical co nsulting, indi viduals str uggle t o ma intain hig h vic tory-loss ra tios. A di plomatic ma nner is important, as P olitical C onsultants o ften ha ve t o gi ve candidates ad vice t hey mig ht not want t o he ar. Whether o r no t winnin g t akes p recedence o ver high et hical st andards, ho wever, is a ma tter o f m uch debate. The Amer ican Association of Political Consultants, which requires members to sign an ethics pledge, allows for negative campaigning as lo ng as t he attacks on t he o pponent a re no t fals e o r misle ading.

I nsiders say t hat P olitical C onsultants us e nega tive ca mpaigning because it works. Some Political Consultants blame the media f or gi ving ino rdinate a ttention t o nega tive campaigning and delving into the private lives of can- didates, t hus dr iving a way s ome t alented indi viduals.

Such questions await a ne w generation of Political Consultants. Unions and Associations Two professional associations—the American Association of Political Consultants and the International Association of Political Consultants—represent members of this relatively new profession. Political Consultants also might be members of other groups such as t he American Political Science Association.

Volunteer to work on a political campaign. Get involved in the political party of your choice. Develop a netw ork of p eople involved in p olitical matters. B ecause jobs in t his f ield a re ra rely advertised, netw orking hel ps indi viduals b reak in and move up. B ecause t he two-party system dominates t he political landscape, the vast majority of jobs for Political Party S taffers a re wi th t he D emocratic o r Rep ublican Parties.

Both the Democratic and Republican Parties maintain full-time staffs at the national and state levels. Political Party Staffers craft broad messages and supplement the s ervices ca ndidates g et f rom p olitical co nsultants and ca mpaign ma nagers. The y w ork under t he dir ection of an elected chairman or chairwoman. On t he na tional f ront, t he Rep ublican N ational Committee a nd D emocratic N ational C ommittee hir e individuals for a variety of functions, including communications, f und-raising, a nd p olitical o perations.

E ach party also has a Senatorial and Congressional Campaign Committee involved in recruiting, training, and financing candidates for the U. House and Senate. At t he st ate le vel, p olitical pa rties ha ve est ablished permanent he adquarters a nd b eefed u p t heir st affs in recent decades. Much as t heir counterparts have at the national level, state parties, too, have separate legislative and cen tral co mmittees. C ommon p ositions in st ate parties include staff assistant, communication director, finance director, political director, and executive direc- 16 Political Party Staffer Intern or Campaign Worker Experience—One to three years Special S kills and P ersonality T raits—Energetic; skillful in co mmunication; well organized; passionate about the party and its issues tor.

The st ate pa rty, f or instance, might kick off a new drive to recruit women. Much of the work of Political Party Staffers follows the election c ycle, which typically begins with recruiting candidates for office.

Frequently this involves contacting lo cal pa rty le aders f or r eferrals a nd t alking t o prospective ca ndidates. P olitical P arty S taffers t hen provide training for these new recruits in t he nuts and bolts of running for office, including techniques to raise funds and make effective speeches. Before t he st ate pa rty co nventions, P olitical P arty Staffers s end inf ormation t o delega tes a nd co ordinate logistics.

Political P arty S taffers hir e t he t emporary f ield hel p, contract wi th p hone v endors a nd media co nsultants, and coordinate events for all statewide candidates. After t he elec tions, P olitical P arty S taffers p rovide support t o elec ted o fficials.

I f, f or in stance, t here is an argument between party members, a P olitical Party Staffer might b e called in t o mediate. Or, p erhaps, the mayor of a city wants help in getting more media exposure, so the Political Party Staffer arranges for the mayor to sp eak a t a n u pcoming e vent.

A s t he de adlines f or the next election approach, Political Party Staffers start recruiting and training the next crop of candidates. The ex ecutive director of a la rge st ate p olitical party mig ht e arn more than his o r her co unterpart at the national level, according to Dr.

James A. Employment Prospects Employment prospects are fair because much of the work of political parties is done by grassroots volunteers. Most minor pa rties r ely ex clusively o n v olunteers, al though a few occasionally hire organizers or other staffers. Industry sources report that the Republican Party generally raises more money than the Democratic Party and so can hire more Political Party Staffers.

Most jobs in political parties are filled through word of mouth rather than job ads. Advancement Prospects Advancement p rospects a re g ood b ecause P olitical Party Staffers frequently have contact with people who can help advance their careers. In the world of politics, personal contacts often open t he do ors to ne w career possibilities.

P olitical P arty S taffers co mmonly r efer candidates t o p olitical co nsultants a nd o ften b ecome political consultants themselves.

They might also land staff positions for elected officials or become lobbyists. Education and Training Insiders observe that the most important education and training result from being out in t he field. New academic p rograms a nd tra ining s eminars in t he field of political management have sprung up in response to the growing complexity of political campaigns.

Unions and Associations Both ma jor pa rties ha ve st ate a nd na tional o rganizations of young people: Young Democrats, Young Republicans, C ollege D emocrats, a nd C ollege Rep ublicans. Each na tional a nd st ate p olitical pa rty o rganization handles its own hiring.

The Democratic and Republican National Committees have their own personnel offices. Minor pa rties s ometimes w ork t ogether in o rganizations de voted to improving ballot access o r f urthering conservative or progressive agendas. Seek a n in ternship wi th y our st ate o r na tional political party.

Look in to in ternships a nd pa id p ositions wi th elected officials. Consider w orking pa rt-time o r o n a t emporary basis t o b reak in. Dur ing p residential elec tion years, b oth ma jor pa rties enla rge t heir st affs considerably wi th t emporary a nd pa rt-time employees. P olitical pa rties als o hir e pa rt-time fund-raisers and temporary field organizers. Search political employment websites for a va riety o f p olitical p ositions ra ther t han f or jobs specifically wi th p olitical pa rties.

H elpful si tes include GO Pjob. Use t he k eywords third pa rty t o f ind listin gs o f minor political parties. As other political consultants do, Pollsters, who are also called p olling analysts, typically work for a variety of clients, including interest groups, referendum committees, government agencies, and private corporations, as w ell as p olitical ca ndidates.

C ampaign p olling has grown by le aps and b ounds, as all le vels of campaigns are turning to professional Pollsters to determine which issues t o p lay u p, w here t o f ocus t heir ener gies, a nd whether or not their strategies are working.

Pollsters are increasingly expanding their repertoire beyond tradi tional p olls t o inc lude ne w t ools suc h as focus gr oups a nd t o sur vey sp ecific gr oups o f individuals. I n t he elec tronic f ocus gr oup, o r dialmet er, participants us e a ha nd-held de vice t o signal degr ees of agr eement o r dis agreement wi th w hat is s aid o n a television screen.

Pollsters may conduct a variety of polls in the course of any given campaign. The benchmark survey, the first major poll of the campaign, is often followed by trend surveys and tracking polls. Each poll involves a number of steps. The y det ermine t he p urpose of e ach p oll b efore wr iting t he q uestions. Pollsters us e census trac ts and other tools to s elect random s amples for sur veys, w hich are generally conducted by phone.

The la rger the sample, the lower the margin of error, but also the more expensive the poll. Many q uestions ha ve b ecome st andard, t he exac t wording de vised a nd t ested over time f or i ts ob jectivity. On ma ny public issues, p eople have no o pinion at all, s o q uestions sho uld b e w orded in s uch a wa y as not t o ma nufacture o ne.

Interviewers are trained to stick to the script and avoid biased phrasing. S upervisors us e p lug-in mo nitors a nd call bac k respondents to check for accuracy. New techniques in analysis have revolutionized polling. Whereas in the old days Pollsters could only correlate tw o fac tors sim ultaneously a nd needed w eeks t o complete polls, now they can analyze multiple responses at once and use rolling average techniques for continuous tracking.

As k ey stra tegists, P ollsters p repare r eports bas ed on the data for the client. Yet, for all the new techniques, polling is no t an exact science. S upporters, t hough, say p olling gives candidates important feedback about the concerns of the public. Salaries Salaries t end t o b e hig her f or P ollsters t han f or o ther Political C onsultants b ecause o f t he mo re sp ecialized nature o f t he w ork. In response to increased competition, some Pollsters are offering lower fees and less extensive polls to boost business.

Employment Prospects Employment p rospects a re g ood t o ex cellent f or individuals with the right training. Polling firms are looking for indi viduals wi th exp erience in p olitical ca mpaigns and a bac kground in q uantitative analysis to hold professional-track positions in t his rapidly growing industry.

A p olling f irm may ha ndle no npolitical as w ell as political clients. Advancement Prospects Advancement prospects are good because new analysts, who are generally paired with more experienced members of the team, can acquire more responsibility with time.

Individuals on a career track as Pollsters generally start out as P olling Analysts. A j unior analyst who has the right education and training can move up to a more senior p osition. F rom t here, indi viduals ca n b uild u p their own client bases and start their own businesses or become senior partners in their polling firm. Education and Training Because P ollsters p erform s pecialized q uantitative analysis, grad uate-school tra ining t ends t o b e mo re important f or t hem t han f or o ther typ es o f p olitical consultants.

Levels of education vary among Pollsters, as some hold Ph. Internship opportunities provide important hands-on experience. Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits Insiders em phasize t he need f or ha nds-on exp erience in p olitical ca mpaigns as w ell as fa miliarity wi th st atistical methods. Pollsters must be able to perform two roles: objective analyst and campaign strategist.

Thos e who s ee t he tw o r oles as co mplementary s ay t hey us e objective analysis to help the candidates they like win. Maintaining high methodological standards in the heat of campaign battle, however, can be challenging, particularly if t he firm has t aken on too many clients.

Many firms pair senior Pollsters with junior associates to give clients adeq uate acces s. P ollsters g enerally c hoose t o represent either Democratic or Republican clients. Pollsters must earn the trust of clients to be treated as full members of the strategy team even if t he numbers a re dis appointing. B ecause ca mpaigns in volve teamwork, a good relationship between the Pollster and other members of the team can keep a lid o n bickering and time-consuming arguments.

Polling analysts who work primarily on campaigns, as o pposed t o ma rket r esearch, sho uld ha ve a passion f or p olitics.

The y t ap in to t heir o wn co mpetitive instincts t o hel p t heir ca ndidates win. H igh p ressure and frequent travel are integral parts of this job. Work on a p olitical campaign. B ecause Pollsters are k ey mem bers o f t he stra tegic t eam, t hey should have an understanding of how campaigns work. M any p rograms offer valuable internship opportunities. Read about p olling. Newspapers commonly r un articles detailing the results of various polls, and books o n p olitical co nsulting p rovide inf ormation about polling.

Determine your party affiliation carefully because polling firms tend to be partisan. Become active in the political party of your choice to take advantage of important networking opportunities. Although ma ny mem bers o f C ongress b egan t heir political ca reers o n t he s chool b oard, t he ma jority o f School B oard Members lack such lofty p olitical ambitions.

The y sim ply wa nt t o s erve t heir co mmunities. School B oard M embers p rovide cr itical linkin g o f schools, parents, and the community, confronting such challenges of the 21st century as youth violence, educational testing, and changing demographics. Most S chool B oard M embers s ee t heir s ervice as a callin g ra ther t han a ca reer. A pproximately 90 p ercent o f S chool B oard M embers r eceive li ttle, if a ny, compensation, according to the National School Boards Association.

Most e arn t heir primary income in o ther occupations. The National Association of School Boards reports that 43 p ercent of School Board Members hold professional or managerial posts, 12 p ercent own businesses, and 12 percent are retired. School Board Members do mo re than attend meetings: They must also prepare for them, often by making phone calls a nd p oring o ver mo unds o f pa perwork. First, School Board Members set educational policy for the community. In addition, School Board Members set policies on a va riety of matters such as I nternet us age for students, safety in the schools, and school uniforms.

School B oard M embers co mmonly co mpile a p olicy manual, w hich p rovides guida nce f or administra tors and others in the district. School B oard Members are responsible for the hiring and evaluation of the chief executive officer, usually called the superintendent. School B oard M embers assume r esponsibility f or educational planning, goal s etting, and appraisal, with the p rimary f ocus o f all b oard decisio ns o n st udent achievement.

What kind of professional de velopment w ould ena ble t eachers t o ac hieve this g oal? D o s ome r eading syst ems w ork b etter f or some students t han others? If s o, how can t he s chools best help students with special needs? About 95 percent of the average school district budget is e armarked for wages, benefits, transportation, a nd o ther i tems, acco rding t o t he N ational School B oards A ssociation. The y r espond t o q uestions f rom the media; maintain ongoing, two-way communication with s chool st aff, s tudents, a nd mem bers o f t he co mmunity; and build collaborative relations with political and business leaders to develop a consensus for student success.

School B oard M embers he ar a ppeals f rom s chool staff members or students on issues t hat involve policy implementation. Finally, S chool B oard M embers a re in volved in a variety of other activities, including electing board officers, approving the annual school calendar, and establishing a ttendance zo nes f or t he s chool distr ict.

The y also m ust r ead len gthy r eports, s erve o n co mmittees, and respond to the concerns of constituents. Salaries The vast ma jority o f S chool B oard M embers r eceive little o r no co mpensation f or t heir s ervice. I n s ome communities, School Board Members are compensated on a p er-diem o r p er-meeting basis.

Employment Prospects Employment p rospects a re g enerally g ood, al though School B oard Members face s tiff competition for election in s ome co mmunities, pa rticularly la rge urba n districts. In other communities, candidates run uncontested. I n co ntested races, ca ndidates w ho los e o n t he first try sometimes run again and win, benefiting from increased name recognition. Running a n ef fective ca mpaign f or s chool b oard is generally less exp ensive in small co mmunities t han in large urban districts.

Overall, candidates in Most candidates use a co mbination of their own money and support from friends or family. Less than a third receive contributions from outside sources. School boards average five or seven people, although board size varies from as few as three to as many as Almost all school boards are elected fewer than 3 percent a re a ppointed.

A s wi th o ther elec ted p ositions, school b oard candidates must b e able to connect with voters t o win elec tions. C andidates w ho ca n r un o n a solid record of accomplishment, often as v olunteers in the school or community, have an edge. Insiders say it also helps for candidates to know people in the business and school community.

Within the b oard i tself, mem bers ca n r ise t o le adership p ositions suc h as s chool b oard p resident. S ome S chool Board M embers p ursue o ther co mmunity ende avors such as becoming head of the United Way, finding that their school board service opens up doors.

Others run for hig her p olitical o ffice suc h as ci ty co uncil, wi th prospects t hat dep end o n t he size o f t he co mmunity and whether or not the race is contested. Eligibility laws dif fer f rom st ate t o st ate, b ut most st ates r equire candidates for s chool b oard to b e at le ast 21 y ears old and registered to vote in the district they want to represent, according to the National School Boards Association.

Nearly half of School Board Members are between the ag es o f 41 a nd H owever, y ounger p eople a re often cr edited wi th in troducing f resh in sights ha ving recently been students themselves to school boards. Training for new School B oard Members is o ffered at t he distr ict, st ate, a nd na tional le vels.

On a n inf ormal basis, exp erienced S chool B oard M embers o ften provide information, encouragement, and guidance to their new colleagues. The distr ict also may have a f ormal o rientation a nd de velopment p rogram f or S chool Board Members. Both the National School Boards Association a nd st ate ass ociations s ponsor w orkshops and co nferences o n sp ecific issues suc h as t echnology and parliamentary procedure.

Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits School B oard M embers typ ically ha ve exp erience as v olunteers in t he s chool o r co mmunity. S omeone involved in t he Parent-Teacher Association PTA , for instance, mig ht decide t o r un f or t he s chool b oard.

A former teacher, too, might decide to run for the board. Although many S chool B oard Members are parents of school-aged children, some candidates in their 20s also win seats on the board. Many S chool B oard M embers f ind t he wo rk mo re difficult a nd time-co nsuming t han t hey exp ected.

To prevent the problems of divided boards, S chool B oard Members should be able to work well with others. Good team p layers de al wi th fac ts ra ther t han p ersonalities, are willing to compromise, and do their homework. Unions and Associations The N ational S chool B oards A ssociation is a na tional organization dedicated to fostering excellence in public education through local school board leadership. Attend a school board meeting. Most are open to the public. Ask y ourself w hether y ou ha ve w hat i t t akes t o succeed.

Are you willing to work long hours for little or no pa y? How well can you handle being in t he p ublic e ye? Will y ou b e a ble t o co mpromise with other board members? Look in to ca ndidacy r equirements. State law often requires all ca ndidates for public office to file financial disclosure statements and to present a no minating p etition signed b y a cer tain p ercentage of registered voters. Participate in w orkshops and conferences sponsored by state school boards associations and the National School Boards Association.

Some local districts also conduct sessions of their own. Remember to factor in the possible costs of running f or o ffice. Al though ma ny s chool b oard campaigns a re r elatively lo w b udget limi ted to suc h o ld-fashioned costs as b rochures, p rint advertisements, and bumper stickers , some races are becoming more costly and sophisticated.

B oth gr oups dra ft b ills, de al wi th co nstituents, and vote on budgets. But, compared to their counterparts o n C apitol H ill, Ci ty C ouncilors w ork o n a much smaller scale. A City Councilor might consider a plan for a m ultithousand- or multimillion-dollar project t o b uild a t urn la ne a t a b usy in tersection.

Senator, on the other hand, would be concerned with a multibillion-dollar interstate highway system. City Councilors work at the street level, dealing with the ni tty-gritty det ails o f co mmunity lif e suc h as p otholes, crime, and property taxes.

One o f the advantages of w orking a t t he lo cal le vel is t hat r esults a re e asy t o see. A Ci ty C ouncilor w ho ad vocated co nstruction o f an addi tional s chool, f or in stance, mig ht pass t he ne w facility every day on the way to work. However, victories like this o ccur after months, if no t years, of hard work. City C ouncilors a re al ways linin g u p v otes, v ying f or a majority, o r w orking t o b uild a co nsensus.

I n a w orld where fac tionalism a nd inf ighting a re leg endary, t his is no easy task. The vast majority of City Councilors are part-time. They balance their political responsibilities with another occupation, such as la w or business.

A Ci ty Councilor for a district acts as an advocate for a particular neighborhood, asking questions like, What are the needs of different ethnic groups? The at-large Councilor needs to juggle the concerns of a broader group of constituents. If, f or in stance, co nstituents a re p ushing f or mo re affordable ho using, a Ci ty C ouncilor mig ht cr eate a plan for increased funding. The ma yor, though, might reject t he p lan.

S hould t he Ci ty C ouncilor c hampion an ini tiative t o g et p ermission f rom t he st ate t o f loat a bond? S uch t actical decisio ns ca n det ermine w hether or no t Ci ty C ouncilors a re successf ul in ca rrying o ut their ag endas.

The in tensity of w ork f or a Ci ty C ouncilor dep ends largely on t he nature of t he community. In t owns a nd co unties, s electboard mem bers a nd county co mmissioners p erform ma ny o f t he s ame duties as Ci ty C ouncilors. A Ci ty Councilor mig ht ha ve a hig her p rofile t han a co unty commissioner.

As a local celebrity of sorts, the City Councilor may receive n umerous in vitations t o gr ound-breakings, parades, wak es, c hristenings, a nd w eddings. I n t he case of a blizzard, a City Councilor might be awakened at a. Yet, compared t o t he ma yor, a Ci ty C ouncilor w orks r elatively sho rt ho urs.

A Ci ty C ouncilor is o ne o f s everal members of a board—a group player rather than a solo performer. Salaries Because City Councilor is generally a part-time position, salaries tend to be low. Some communities pay nothing at all. Employment Prospects Employment p rospects a re fa ir t o p oor b ecause t here are a limited number of slots for City Councilors. Generally speaking, competition is higher in big cities than in smaller communities.

Thus a bid for City Council in a smaller community might be more successful. Advancement Prospects Advancement prospects are p oor b ecause t he p osition of mayor, the next logical step on the political hierarchy, is generally difficult to reach.

Since most City Councilors a re pa rt-time, indi viduals typ ically r eturn t o t heir primary line of work. Some City Councilors are retired adults o r s econdary b readwinners. Ot hers w ork p rimarily in another occupation such as business or law. There are no f ormal r equirements f or t his p osition. A s board members, they develop their consensus-building and problem-solving skills. City Councilors must look at both sides o f an issue in order to be fair. Still, they should have the courage of their own convictions.

Dedication counts for a gr eat deal in t his field. Few City C ouncilors a re a ttracted t o t he job b y t he s alary.

Candidates choose to run for office because they want to improve their communities. Unions and Associations Although no unio n o r ass ociation de als ex clusively with City C ouncilors, indi viduals mig ht b elong t o t he National League of Cities, state municipal associations, or other groups dealing with municipal issues.

Look in to in ternships a nd sp ecial o pportunities such as city youth councils. Follow the news; keep up with issues of key concern. Attend city council and other community meetings.

Carve out a p rimary occupation with some flexibility. B ecause most ci ty co uncil p ositions a re part-time, indi viduals generally ne ed ano ther source of income. Seek a p osition o n a nother co mmunity b oard such as a ci vic association, PTA, or school committee. Memberships on these boards often serve as springboards to City Councilor. Become in volved in t he p olitical pa rty o f y our choice to take advantage of important networking opportunities.

Ask yourself whether you have a large enough network o f f riends a nd su pporters t o la unch a successful campaign.

O ver t he y ears, Mayors have carved out reputations as f iery eccentrics, cool-headed ma nagers, p opulists, p rogressives, p ower brokers, and visionaries. As c hief ex ecutive, t he M ayor s erves as t he lo cal equivalent o f p resident o f t he U nited S tates.

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Fortune employer. Home Agents receive incoming calls from those wishing to register for Sweepstakes. Once registered, the caller is offered an opportunity to purchase a magazine subscription package of their choice at a substantial discount off the newsstand price.

Part-time from 12 to Applicants may call our jobline at Sign customers up for Monthly Membership Club and take customers information so that they can be transferred. Encourage customers to call a 1- number.

This is not a phone psychic job! Call weekdays Previous Internet experience required. Business sales. Work at home. Telesales Full-time, part-time: work from home! Christian retail products. Send cover letter and resume to: „Telesales“ Fax: Paid hourly. Choose your hours. No nights or weekends. Set-up appointments for our sales staff. Telemarketing Part Time Work from Home – PMR, a human resources consulting firm, is hiring telemarketers to work ten to fifteen hours per week.

Weekly payment. You must have prior telemarketing experience to qualify. For an interview, e- mail: bbmedicinemen aol. Telemarketing Pharmaceutical Management Resources, a human resources consulting firm, is currently hiring telemarketers to work from home part time. This is a ten to fifteen hour per week position which pays Only experienced telemarketers need apply.

We cannot train inexperienced people at this time. We pay you. Hourly checks are paid every friday, commissions are paid as they are earned. To apply, e-mail: bbmedicinemen aol. We will respond with additional information and interview dates and times. Telemarketing- Phoneforce Would you like to work from your home office anywhere in the country?

A PhoneForce caller is a member of an elite team of highly specialized business professionals who have extensive experience in a variety of fields. If you have a business background, basic contact management systems experience and general expertise using the phone, this job is for you. Consider joining this team of outbound calling specialists providing premium business to business lead generation and telemarketing services.

Please submit your resume via email. Telemarketing Ameridel is seeking telemarketers to work from home hours per week. Paid training, benefits, medical, paid holidays and retirement plan. Fourth Plain Blvd. Suite G6, Vancouver, WA We take the virtual office business model to the next level by hiring „at home“ professional inside sales personnel.

Our reps have a solid business background allowing them to communicate at all management levels. We require inside sales experience along with computer and software knowledge, in addition to a sound customer service orientation. You must have a home office with an appropriate computer system with Internet access preferably DSL or Cable.

If you have the ability to work from home and believe you have the credentials to become part of our elite team, Intrep can provide you with a unique and fulfilling career experience. We are always looking for candidates with inside sales experience in all industries and all geographical locations. Candidates can be located anywhere in the U. For immediate consideration, apply online. Intrep, Inc.

Work From Home. Flexible schedule hour per week. Fax resume to Test Writers International firm looking for skilled home based teachers. Familiarity with Microsoft Word required. Ability to work from home through email required. Work involves creating questions and answers in Mathematics and History Grade 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8 9 and Long term work. Payment by the assignment. All payments will be sent by check.

Please email resume to max ponnuraj. Test Writers A leader in educational assessments, seeks educators to write test items in the areas of Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Will provide item writer training. Translators Accurapid Translation Services, Inc. Poughkeepsie, NY Need technical translators in all languages for business, engineering and scientific documents. A computer and modem is a requirement. Pays by the word. Translators Olds Communicationhiring translators and interpreters in the legal, social services, immigaration fields etc.

Must have experience. Email with resume, rates, references, and experience in translation in any of the above fields to: info oldscommunications. Based in Littleton, Colorado. Transcription Here is your opportunity to take advantage of one of our new programs. Attractive pay structure. Full or part time. Transcriptionist Opportunities 1st and 2nd shifts. Scheduled hours can be flexible. One year experience or equivalent training required.

Must have knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Home-based option. Easy to learn.

Full computer setup supplied at no cost to full-time MTs. Dialup connection must be at 36k or better to perform in our environment. Competitive line rate. Employee status.

No ICs. Full benefit package. Generous PTO, k with match. Travel Agents Experienced. Cruise leads provided. Fax your resume to: Tutors in all subjects needed.

Training available. Requirements: High school graduate or GED. Medical terminology helpful. Ability to use good sentence structure without changing the thought of the author of the reports. Work types assigned by skill level. Flexible work hours and competitive earning potential.

Requirements: 2 years transcription experience, excellent computer skills. Experienced with foreign accents helpful. Good typing skills required. Box , Swartz Creek, MI Flexible Full or Part-time opportunities available. Prior experience in the Medical Records preferred. Must have 2 years minimum experience. Excellent pay. Typists Work at home using own equipment. Benefits available after 3 months. Send resume to: P. Box , Burton, MI Travel company needs national work at home staff for virtual telephone support positions.

Voice Talent Do you have a great voice? Professional advertising agency seeks voice talent to produce radio, TV and video work. Seeking reliable, experienced voice pros for on-call freelance work Monday- Friday. Graphic designers must be proficient with Quark and Photoshop Illustrator a plus and will be developing direct mail brochures. Web designers must be proficient with Dreamweaver and Flash.

Work from your home. Must have access to a MAC. Web Desginers, graphic artists, copywriters, verification auditors Web-Erectors.

Home based, full-time for Verbatim Transcription. Successful candidates need PC with e-mail, 80 wpm accurately. Also seeking Spanish translators. Fax resume and cover letter to RST at: Needs word processors of reports and theses, etc.

Must have knowledge and experience with Word Perfect and Paradox. Send resume to apply. Home Based, full-time, for verbatim transcription of interview. Successful candidates need a PC with email; 80 wpm accurately; related experience.

Fax resume and cover letter to: Writers Business publication looking for freelance writers with knowledge of small business and women business issues.

Experience, e-mail capability, references and published clips required. Send information to: Naples Daily News, P. Box , Naples, FL Writers Freelance. Good pay, steady news and features assignments for best read newspaper in construction industry. Washington, PA Attn: Freelance. Writers Freelance Writers sought for award winning Environmental quarterly. Writers Business Journal is excepting applications from freelance writers.

Writing ChildAuthor. Com started as a simple craft site for children. It is quickly evolving, thanks to many great writers, to a literary site for kids. We are expanding our topics to include articles ranging from crafts, to poetry, to short stories and science. The pay rate is. Length ranges by topic. It is strongly recommended that you sign up for the newsletter, as we have a hard time accepting articles from writers that don’t read what they are writing for. Send full articles and short bios via email.

Visit the site for additional guidelines. Visit the site for additional details. Writer wanted for varied assignments.

Financial, Real Estate, Architecture or Engineering. Fax resume and one writing sample to: Virtual Inbound Telemarketing LiveOps. Positions: Account Exec. We are looking for employees who are not afraid of talking on the phone and know how to deal with people.

The position does not involve sales. Complete DDA reconciliation of automated and manual DDA activity including the identification and resolution of open items. FAX resumes to: Dearfield, IL Cleveland, OH Byberry Rd. Box Martinez, GA Rock Blvd. Wrightwood Chicago, IL Mission Hills, CA Lauderdale, FL Box Pleasant St. Pawtucket, RI Box Lake Arrowhead, CA Brooklyn, NY New York, NY Broadway Chicago, IL Pleasant Hill, CA Box Bedford, IL Email: smcdowel hti.

Paul, MN A Masters degree is preferred but not necessary. Position entails: individual looking at data related to chronic diseases from claims and generating samples from these populations. Positions: Business Analyst Position responsibilities include researching and analyzing IT issues as they relate to the end users and clients, handling a wide range of questions from clients and prospects, maintaining an ongoing relationship with clients. Ideal candidate will have three 3 plus years in an active hands on Business Systems Analyst roll, has demonstrated professional accomplishments that reflect analytical thinking and problem solving, excellent writing and verbal communication skills, ability to give presentations and defend positions, able to successfully challenge vendor technology, understands business financial positions and has good financial analysis skills.

Information technology application experience within the insurance industry is key and is required for this position. Philadelphia, PA Baltimore, MD ganymede charm. Box Madison WI Grand Chicago, IL Positions: Clerical Work at home as an independent contractor. Must live in area to pickup work. Third St. Louisville, KY Schuyler Ave.

Bradley, IL Lawndale Chicago, IL Riverside Plaza Chicago, IL Positions: Clerical typing, proofing, stripping, and other jobs associated with publishing.

Positions: Clerical Work involves picking up supplies such as mailing labels, brochures, envelopes, and taking them home and stuffing them, then returning them for postage metering.

Positions: Clerical Workers L. Tinley Park, IL Kansas, MO Software will support an Oracle database. Knowledge of Oracle a plus. Degree preferred. Must have at least a BS in Computer Science. Development environment will soon be version 9 GUI! Must be proficient using hierarchical databases. Will be work on current business projects, doing spec writing, writing maintenance programs and writing scripts for data files. Will also be designing new programs.

Any Powerbuilder experience is a major plus. We delivering manufacturing software to many multi- million dollar companies. Experience developing web-browser plug-ins a plus. Servlet programming experience valuable. Experience working with firewall end proxy servers a plus. Search engine development experience a plus.

Experience with CGI and Perl programming and the use of cookies is a plus. Performance tuning experience a plus. Some experience with JDBC is helpful. Will be involved in the design, development, and implementation of custom business applications under the management of the Director of of our Client Server Solutions Division. Positions: Computer Programmers Software Developer Will design and develop new products, enhancements, and version upgrades.

Workon a variety of systems including Mac and Windows. Must have done full life cycle development. Need broad background with multiple systems. Must be great problem solver and willing to learn new technologies.

Will be maintaining current systems, enhancing or modification of reports as well as some new development. If candidate has some Web Application skills that is a plus. A aarts. B BackdoorJobs. D Dads2work. F Facultyof G GaapJobs. H H-net2. J JacksonholeJobs. UK Jobsite. K KJobs. L Labor. M MAJobs. N Naacpcareerfair. Q QcJobs. R Rxoa. S Sacramento. T T-j-f. US Twc. V Vabenefits. Y YesJob. Z Zairmail. The below companies are some of the most popular and well-known sites that hire telecommuters.

Click on each company for more detailed information. Please keep in mind they may have waiting lists so you should check them frequently to see if they are hiring. Job Description: Sterling Services is an outsourcing company hired to perform employment verifications.

Call to verify previous employment, education, personal references etc. Correspond with corporate offices in New York through emails and phone calls. Paid on the 15th and 30th of each month thru direct deposit. You are an independent contractor, responsible for your own taxes. Requirements: 2 phone lines. Scheduled for 30 hours per week, e-mail account. Data Entry-Coding positions Cypher Services. Job Description: Your computer screen displays a scanned document that needs coding.

On a separate portion of the same screen, you will be asked to review the document and enter data that pertains to that specific document. Pay: Contractors are paid by the number of documents coded. Pay is on a monthly basis, mailed to your home. Requirements: DSL, 2 phone lines, e-mail account, printer, previous coding or paralegal experience is helpful.

Job Description: Data entry and document coding. All work will is done at-home or at another remote location via computer. Work can be done twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week subject to coding project availability. Pay is monthly. Requirements: High speed Internet access through DSL, Cable, Satellite or other high- speed system; 17″ monitor; an email account and a printer.

Previous legal knowledge preferred. Job Description: Inbound phone calls, providing customer service to customers who have questions or would like to place orders from infomercials. Some higher rates are available based on a variety of factors. Requirements: Cable or DSL internet access, email, headset, phone line. Working Solutions. Job Description: Inbound phone calls, providing customer service to customers who have questions or would like to place orders or reservations.

Sometimes offer transcription and data entry positions as well. Requirements: Cable or DSL internet access most projects cannot use dial-up connections , email, headset, phone line. Job Description: Customer service representative taking inbound phone calls. Provides service to customers who have questions or would like to place orders such as from infomercials or reservations.

Best for people who sell well. Requirements: Cable or DSL internet access, email, headset, corded phone line no cordless phones due to security concerns receiving credit card numbers. Career Planning And Career Advice Help Resources Career and Resume Resources Career site with countless resources, including articles, book reviews, weekly career tips, resume critique, and newsletter. Online career planning, career testing and assessment, as well as job search resources to help you search for and identify your ideal career.

We help you create your future See us before you start your job search. University of Phoenix Online Let online-university-degrees. Job bank, resume bank, post jobs, career women resources, news and more. Helping women achieve success in their careers and lives. Entrepreneurial Parent EP EP is a community and career resource for parents who choose entrepreneurship to balance work and family. Features include an EP Business Directory of over 1, registered members, a monthly ezine, a daily discussion group, member profiles and over pages of archived information resources.

Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned EP, you’re not alone anymore! SmallBiz center, information, resources, printables, and much more. Check out our website for the free offer for a complimentary coaching session We showcase some of the internet’s best women sites ranked by popularity. Search our free revolutionary job board. Find more than 30, fresh telecommuting, job sharing, part time, work from home and flex scheduling jobs. Look for a job share partner.

Find great career, family, work-life and life balance content. What are you waiting for? Job Search Database Access hundreds of jobs immediately. Read job descriptions. Apply online. Click here to search jobs. Engineering Jobs, Contract ContractEngineering. Environmental Jobs Environmental Careers, Inc. Jobs for International Physicians who want to work in the U.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs www. Please carefully consider and research the opportunity before making a decision. Good Luck! BOX FT. Are you a member of the child-care industry, but want something to call your own? This up and coming opportunity may be just what you’re looking for. A Nanny on the Net has been in business since and continues to grow each year with their franchise opportunity and business model.

If you’ve ever worked in the cleaning industry, either residential or commercial, you know how important it is for businesses to focus on making their business flourish, not clean their offices, etc.

If you’ve got a knack for impeccable cleaning and detailing this opportunity may be for you. Tower Cleaning Systems prides themselves on franchise as well as offers plenty of help and support for those deciding to own and run their own business. If you were active in high school and miss that aspect of your life, this may be your answer for combining fun and work together.

Are you the one who always makes the eye-pleasing Holiday Treats? Have a knack for arranging flowers? Candy Bouquet may be something you want to look a little harder at when deciding on a perfect opportunity for yourself.

This company has made one of the Entrepreneur Top Franchise’s and is definitely an affordable one. If you’re into Sports, this opportunity may be what you’re after. This isn’t a franchise opportunity, but a great business opportunity that doesn’t give you boundaries, but way to get „in“ on purchasing sporting equipment including uniforms at wholesale costs. You may have heard of this one already as it has been growing in popularity here in the last couple of years.

It’s great concepts and parent-child involvement are allowing it to grow by the cheapest most effective advertising method out there: Word-of-Mouth. If you haven’t heard of Kindermusik and you adore working with children, this may just be the right opportunity for you.

Their instructors come from all different backgrounds and you don’t have to be a musician or professor to start. You’ll like the start-up costs as well as they are one of the most affordable in their industry. Travel Lines Express. You can serve both markets, enjoy great travel discounts, and earn money for those whom you make travel arrangements for.

The cost is unsurpassed when it comes to franchise opportunities, and if you are or have been in this industry this may be worth looking into further. Always had a knack for decorating? Can’t seem to let your friends and family go without your advice and tips on what would look great in their home and where? Well, you may just be looking at something you love, can afford to start, and can do as a home-based business. Dcor-At-Your-Door definitely has their competitors, but strongly shows why they are the number one choice of dcor franchises.

Definitely worth taking a lookwindow treatments, furniture patterns and fabrics, and flooring choices are at your fingertips for you to start a new business adventure in decorating.

This company’s claim of it being one of the most emotionally rewarding opportunities in the market today, I feel is very true. Senior care services are a very hot market right now and that is because more and more families are coming up with creative solutions to aging parents and family members.

While this isn’t the cheapest option out there, if you enjoy taking care of senior citizens are have currently been employed in the health related industry or even as an in-home care provider, this may just be what you’re looking for to balance your life while working on your long-term career goals of owning your own business.

American Consolidated Enterprises, Inc. They provide all needed materials and will buy back all completed products. Easy instructions! Hand or machine sewing knowledge will be helpful. For more information send a long self-addressed stamped envelope. Include a cover letter to introduce yourself and to inquire about the company. American Home Crafts P. Box Suisun, CA. It’s available.

A sewing machine is required. Angel Pin Creations, Inc. Assemble our „Darling Angel Lapel Pins“. These pins are made of lace, ribbon and beads. They are about 3 x 4 inches in size. There is not experience needed. No special tools required. Year round work available.

We have customer service representatives available to assist you. Complete training is provided. We offer you a flexible way to make money. You can be a full set or half-set producers and you may change from one to another at any time.

Complete step-by-step instructions will be provided to you on how to make Artisan jewelry, specifications for the earrings, and a pre-inspection service. There is no experience or selling required. For you convenience, a customer service number is provided in their catalog. Big Horn Wood Products P. Box Big Horn, WY. Looking for individuals to work at home assembling and painting wooden bald eagle plaques. This company is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Craftco N. Gilbert Rd, , Mesa.


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