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Be at least 15 years of age. Must be 15 or older. Apply Now. Point pleasant beach 5 miles brielle 5 miles manasquan 7 miles sea girt 8 miles lakewood 10 miles Complete care at holiday city is looking to hire full time, part time and weekend dietary aides to join their wonderful team! Can you help? I have a service dog for diabetic alerts. He is just phenominal,yellow lab. We might have a lot to talk about.

Welcome to Nextdoor. Sorry that you are lonely. I would love tomeet you for coffee sometime. What neighborhood are you in. We can taught on the computer and get to know each other. Go to the Goebel Senior Center, there is lot to do there, every day.. Alice Collette, I am free most evenings and play cards by myself. Would be happy to stop by… I am wondering, since I am seeing your post, are we in the same Nextdoor community?

Are you nearby? If you are, maybe we could have coffee somewhere. Hi Bob. Somewhere in this thread I saw a post from gentleman in Marietta. Used to live there myself. Perhaps you could contact him. If they still have the Sat. Farmers Market thing in the Marietta Square it might be a nice activity.

Say hello to Lake Allatoona for me! Good morning, Alice! How are you? It sure would be nifty to have you over for coffee sometime. Do you like to play Scrabble? Cohoes is near Albany, the capital. Would like to meet new people and make friends.

Moved to California and feel a bit homesick and isolated. HI Dee; where do you live in CA? I am near Ventura. I am lonely too, — would love to meet people. Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks…. I agree a im lonely and if we could make a free time. Bein 58 and not work in at this time. Any comments any body. I found out the thing. When I became disabled, I had to give up my business, because a lot of it was physically too hard for me.

When I tried to get a part time job, everybody wanted a degree. I had no work references, since I was self employed. I went to college and graduated in May with a degree in business administration. My husband is a truck driver and he is gone a lot. You and I have a lot in common. Hi Silvia, My name is Janie and read your post. I live in San Antonio Texas. So just know that there are people out there that care. Where you from? I am from Indiana. My name is Penny.

I am I am disabled as well and hate it. I need a friend to talk to. What do you say? Wishing you Luck!! Tina, do you have something called Senior Options? We do in Columbus, Ohio. I know what you mean about age discrimination! Been there done that! If not contact Dept. On Aging and ask about working again! You are young! Well nice talking to you and I hope you find something to keep you busy!

I would love to meet new people and just like you would like to play bingo and games, or just to get together for coffee or tea. Where do you live. I am in North Carolina………near the beach. No friendly neighbors. Hi everyone! Anyone in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area? I am isolated and lonely,looking to meet someone to at least visit with and talk to. Alice where do you live please……. Hi Alice Collette! My name is also Collette.

Changes require getting out of our comfort zone. What City do you live in? Hi Mary; do you ever come to Camarillo or Ventura? Would love to get together. Text me to Ursula. To Jacki Schomer — Thanks for responding. How could I get in touch with your sister in Camarillo?

She said right now she is babysitting her granddaughters and is real busy. I am a recent widow hate that word and live near Houston. To Ida — thanks for responding. No, I never come to Pasadena. Are you from Germany? I grew up there. Text me to No one to count on really, so I know how you feel. Loneliness can be an awful crutch to live by. I would love to meet some folks, as I know only my roommate.

I am a retired teacher and rehabilitation counselor. I saw your post on Nextdoor. I lived in Austin for many years and recently moved to San Antonio which is an hour south of Austin.

I still travel to Austin fairly frequently. I am a 60 yr old single female, no children, and am semi-retired from work in the medical and public education fields. I am looking to meet new people. My email is lg gmail. Hi — well, I could introduce you to the places, groups here where you will be around people who like the same things you do whatever those are. Austin 30 years now; lived in Northeast in the 80s.

First thing, every Thursday about noon you pick up the weekly paper, Austin Chronicle. Listings in culture, art, community especially get a person out mingling.

Then stop in almost any barbecue joint. Easygoing, all super nice people. Someone told me about it just this year. I go to the Lamar SAC, would have gone 50 if knew! I can take you there, also we can meet for coffee or at one of the good local eating places I know — Austin is becoming nationally known for food, besides high tech, live music.

A lot of fun here, creativity all kinds. You have scored a top spot for living an interesting life, however you happened on Austin. So if you are all into making the world better you are already one of us. Majority here are from elsewhere as we have nearly 50, students at UT alone, many stay after college. Like, eventually I will teach cooking to college students.

Why keep it to yourself? Something UR into, you would pass along? Also miss Northeast accents! The internet brings it out, probably the sense of anonymity, like being on a plane by strangers. Hi Nedra, I live in Florida too, I play bridge game and as well as any cards game too. If you like to learn play bridge, I am more than happy to help you to play or take lessen.

Please e-mail me, mitziwfl gmail. Live between Naples and Marco Is. Love to play Bridge, Euchre and other card games. Hi, Sherri My name is Debbie Where in south florida do you live? I live in delray beach and reaching out to say hello and maybe we can connect.

Where in Florida do you live? I live in Tampa. Hope you are close so we can meet someplace. Barbara Beall. Hi, Nedra I live in south florida, delray beach to be more specific. Where in florida do you live?

I am divorced without kids and 57 years old. Home a lot but trying to get more balance in my life. I love cooking, gardening and sewing. If it would help I am willing to be an email penpal with someone with similar or different interests.

PM me for email address. Hi, Sherri I live in south florida, too and would love to meet for coffee sometime. I would like to create a new circle of friends, too. I am 57 and I live in Delray Beach. You can email me directly at djw gmail.

Hi Alice! I am not much of a game player. If you are interested let me know. Also there a group of Next door women who get together once a month for lunch. We go to a different restaurant each month. The next one is Thursday August 8th. You would be most welcome to attend. The time is am. Hope to see you there. Widowed with one friend left who works a few jobs. I am a retired teacher and having health issues right now that keep me home a lot. It a free app — you can talk on it without giving put your number, too.

Would you like to communicate? Love to. Hope you are well. All the best, Toni. Hi Toni, tell me how to do Whats App to chat. Mcnichot mccc. I am in St. Paul and would be more than happy to meet in Minneapolis. Newly retired and bored beyond words.

Looking for a life with a new girlfriend to share my life with. I love country music and ride a Harley when I get a chance. If anyone is interested call Kevin I read a lot and play ponytail canasta. I use Uber frequently.

I think being retired and not from this area is a set-up for loneliness. Maybe we could connect for. I definitely drink coffee. Best way to reach me is probably e-mail. I have severe back problems and am unable to walk very well. I would love to chat with some neighbors that I do not know yet.

I have two beautiful dogs and they are my family. I live on Dickson Lane. Thank you. Hi Alice I am Beverly I love doing puzzles, cooking, window shopping, making earrings and walking, i retired early 4 years ago an I am finding that it can be a lonesome road.

I think we can make an impact on each others lives if we give each other a fair chance. In reading your post seems we have much in common!

Would very much enjoy meeting up with you. Messenger me or email at shae gmail. I am going through all of the posts looking for Houston and Texas people, are you in the area? I love what you have expressed……I also retired a few years ago and it is a lonesome road. And we all need community……. I live in Cedar Park area, and I am drowning in loneliness here.

My husband was a Veteran and died a couple of years ago. I am desperate alone. I never thought it would be this way. The little family that I do have live 3 hours away. On days when I am not feeling well, it can feel frightening. There are no kind connections around. I live in Round Rock Texas.

Interested in coffee? Alice, let me know if you are near North Highlands, CA because we formed a group of ladies who get together to eat and for area day activities that interest us. Hi Janet,i truly understand. Only go out to grocery store and i drive myself. It could be worse and it could but,the only one that calls me and talks maybe minutes but,i miss interacting with people.

It sure can get lonely. I live in Fort Wayne,IN. Di you live in the Kingston Ny area? Hey Alice. Are you in lake forest? Barbara wlagal aol. I am in Lake Mary, Fl. If you are in a nearby neighborhood, I wd love to meet you for chat and coffee. I am starting a social group just for women to come together and talk, meet new people and make new friends.

Contact me at sallycarrita yahoo. Same here! I have thought about reaching out, before; but I worry I might be taken advantage of. I wish you were in my neighborhood. I would love to get together for coffee, chats and friendship. I am so lonely. I am new to Alexandria Virginia. That sounds wonderful to me. I would love to make new friends. My number is Say…do you play Scrabble? I live in Cohoes, on Strong Place. I have no idea where to start.

Hi, Zedd I live in south florida, delray beach to be more specific. I can relate to what you said about trying to change your introverted mindset and wanting to develop good friendships for a reason, a season, or a life time. Are you local in Pauma Valley or Valley Center?

I would love to get together to play cards or whatever. Experienced realtor since assisting buyer and sellers throughout Palm Beach County, Florida. I have a passion for fitness and family. I agree Alice Collette. I too am lonely since I retired. I would love to share lunch or coffee with another lady. Thanks Alice! Hi Alice I would like to meet you one day for coffee, My name is Pam and spending time with others I really enjoy that.

I too like games, cards and I would like to learn how to play dominos. Email me and join me for coffee Everyone needs more friends including me!! Hi Alice Collette, I liked your message and would be happy just getting together for simple card game and coffee…Please PM me. I am now 59, partially disabled by chronic pain, which causes depression. Trouble is not for me but I have 2 neighbors who think feeding birds attract rats.

What can I do? Put up a sign-No Pigeons Allowed!! Keeping a record of different birds that come by and squirrels and pigeons are friendly AND clean. The inspector came and found no infractions. All I do, besides feeding birds and gardening is Charity work. Thanks to all for letting me vent. My name is Rich on Pittsburgh Ave.

Be well to all! Good morning, Rich! If you ever feel the need to just vent, or to talk to another sufferer, my email is meffie2 yahoo. Those pigeons here are morning doves. They eat up everything so I chase them off. Same with the house finch, appropriately named because they eat like a house, never stop. Very smart bird. The mockingbird too, eat and chase the songbirds away. So I chase them away. Well for about an hour, I suppose the other 23 they are having a time. Call if you want to talk birds, especially the wily little hummingbird.

Hi Rich, I just now happened to open your post. I relate to a lot of what you have shared here. I live in Houston, what city are you in? I love birds. I deal with chronic pain and isolation. Concentrate on the awesome outdoor nature you seem to be very in tune with, rather than your sour neighbors. Depression is not to be ignored, for inspiration, encouragement and a place to make friends with people in similar situations as you The Mighty is a great site to check out.

Do you ever share your bird information with the Audubon society? They need observant people to share their observations in order to track migration patterns and population information on certain species. I wish the article had included safety guidelines, such as not meeting in homes and meeting in groups until trusting relationships are established. Hi, Alice I am also feeling lonely and would love to meet and make new friends that I can do things with including games, coffee, movies, shopping, attending craft shows, etc.

Are you in San Jose, California? Hi Alice my name is Maria. I live on Walnut Meadow Dr. I though it was in my neighborhood! Hopefully my previous post reached you. My wife and I are in West Sac. Will be babysitting our grandson next two days. Leaving on Alaskan cruise soon. We stay pretty busy but always room for new friends. Dear Alice and others, count me in too, I am open to meet people and have coffee or dinner, games, cards, walking, etc.

What should I do to find people to get together in outings to theater , movies, chats face to face , card games etc? Alice, I have been plagued by back and leg problems long before I moved to This neighborhood.

I would love to meet people and get involved with neighbored activities. Thanks for speaking out! Hi — I am in California — have started my own menopause group as a support group for women twice a month now and am seeing a lot posted too about summer bike ride meetups and such — wondering Nicky if maybe you too might go ahead and start something as well that is of interest to you an others???

It is not hard to do and I bet people wil respond — not sure what part of the country you are in???? Lonliness is awful and no one should ever ever have to feel of be lonely no!!! This is shy I love NEXTDOOR — at least here we seem to watch out for each other as we live pretty close and a few of us have started up some things to do — there are a lot of hings to do — I was just thinking that early this morn on my walk!!!!

Feel free to write anytime — maybe we can think of some good ideas together??? Hi…i am mostly a shut in and get very lonely at times…would like to chat with someone or maybe have coffee…i live in San Jose, California…i am 72yrs old. Hi Barbara; I live in Ventura County;lonely too,; let me know if you and anybody else: would like to visit or start corresponding….. I live in the western part of it, and have for the past 40 years. I was scrolling down the page here, and it looked like everyone was east of the Mississippi.

So of course I had to reply! The biggest loss I see is the face to face interaction of conversation. Real life is so much better than trying to read between the typed word lines for meaning that is communicated so much better and accurately when one can see one another.

I still think that conversation in person is the fastest and best way to communicate. Perhaps, if interested, we can talk here, there, or somewhere.

Stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay safe! Hi you two in So Cal; I live not too far west of you, in Camarillo. Would love to meet you. Lonely here,,,,,,. Camarillo is a different world from Los Angeles. Dropping down the Conejo Grade from my end always puts me in a slower, more peaceful frame of mind. Some of the best strawberries I ever had were bought road-side in Camarillo. Life sometimes gets lonely, indeed.

Not much opportunity to meet people with whom to converse, discuss, and interact in those venues. Everyone has a home and a family. I go home, alone, to read, to post on various social media, eat, and sleep. Camarillo is not that far from me. Perhaps we could meet at either end of the distance, or somewhere between, sometime, for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

Let me know the next time you get close to Camarillo or Ventura. And you are right, the strawberries are good; so is the cool ocean breeze : Which city do you live in? Would love to meet you all. Text me: It seems there are a few of us who feel isolated and at times lonely in the San Fernando Valley.

The big problem I see with this nationwide blog is that there is so much to sift through. Have a great weekend! Rick Wood. I need one on one or one on two contact. Not even my roommate, her!! Oh well, sure would be nice to have coffee and lay down my dominoe!

I agree Barbara. I would love a technology group for seniors. Seniors today are not the same as our parents generation. Good morning, Carolyne! I think a menopause group is a great idea! I guess I can talk electronically. Ha ha. Not sure where you live but I am from Keene nh and would love to have neighbors stop in to play card or board games or just a cup of coffee or even lunch.

VERY sad! Thanks for voicing this, I thought I was the only one who noticed. Last night I sent a request to the support team about adding a Chat feature. I posted about being alone and lonely….

I read some other posts, too. It would be cool to meet for lunch or Scrabble. Good evening Beth Babb, When you get lonely and stay home alone all the time, Have you thought about going the visit the home for the elderly, the hospitals, the old folks home. Is there a senior citizens location where there is food served for a small fee and the company is great. Try it some time, you just might like it and lose all the boredom. Not only that there are others that would like to share thei experiences with you.

I live in Victoria Texas and my wife and I dont have time to get bored. Share a smile with someone and you would be supprised that you will get it back. Let me hear from you when you get lonely. Well Nicki if you live in my neck of the woods I would love to have lunch. I am in Woodland Park NJ. Personnel reached an all time height of 6, enlisted men and women and approximately 50 officers. Mail began to flow out of the post office at such tremendous outgoing bulk that the count was beginning to be almost impossible.

In , between October 15 and December 15, almost 17 million packages passed through the F. All packages had cleared the shores of the United States by December 1st.

The early parcels reached their destination so early that thousands of people sent the second package in order that a parcel would be received nearer to Christmas. The actual count for the year is given in figures below so that you may know the extent of the volume of mail that was handled.

This report was taken from the files of Lt. Commander S. Rafalovich, U. Rafalovich served as Operations Officer and was given much credit for his command of the movements of the mail. Not to be forgotten were the 65 civilians who worked at the F. Fleet Record Office.

Of this 65, three saw the beginning and the end of the Fleet Record Office. They were: Mrs. Grace Gray, Mrs. Josephine Moulthrop and Miss Margaret Henley. The war ended. Fleet Post Office, San Francisco began to fold. Air mail is by far the most popular of all mailing systems and it is no wonder that it was the largest department in the Fleet Post Office.

Beginning back in the early days of the war, in May, , the airmail division started out with a small number of crewmen distributing only 23 mail pouches per day. Only a year later the figure had grown to pouches per day. By another year, it had risen to an average of pouches per day. It has been estimated that approximately 1,, letters were dispatched each day. Known to civilians as ordinary 3 cent mail. In one year over ,, letters passed through this section. Its complement of daily handled thousands of sacks of parcel post and newspapers.

The new building called for , square feet of working space, plus 35, square feet for loading docks. There was a separate building of 25, for offices, lockers, and a cafeteria.

The location of the new building was near Camp Knight in Oakland. This was just north of the Bay Bridge leading out of Oakland, California. This new building was urgently needed for a long time, since the daily average of sacks worked had increased from 3, in March, , to 8, in March, The daily average for October, the peak month during the Christmas rush, was 22, sacks. In an estimated 30 million parcels passed through the Fleet Post Office during the Christmas rush.

Here the addresses of 33, ships and stations were kept secret and on hand so that mail could be rushed to men in the Pacific. Row upon row of small white cards. The cards were more than mere records of the Navy’s men and women, of their stations, their changes in ratings or rank.

They were truly „cards of victory,“ each one bearing testimony of the American will to avenge Pearl Harbor and wipe out the aggressors. Some cards are no longer white.

These tell the story of men moved from station to station, ship to ship, across the Pacific and up from the South Seas to the north. Here is one that will bear no further legend; its last marking reads, „Died in Action.

Each day of each month, as the war moved on in history, new cards were added to the trays and old cards brought up to date. Just as a historian records each major event for the enlightenment of the world’s generations to come, so did the Navy’s „victory cards“ record, although in minuter detail, the steady progress of the march on Tokyo. Purpose of the cards was two-fold. First, to provide a means of forwarding mail to men far from home.

Second, to help administrative officials trace individuals with a minimum of lost time. The complexity of modern Naval warfare becomes more apparent when the Fleet Records cards are studied. The process of moving men to the ocean fighting fronts and to supply bases loomed tremendous when seen through the personnel cards. Despite this complexity, however, it became even more apparent that the Navy was not a top-heavy, bureaucratic figure of speech, but an acutely living, breathing force of individuals.

From Aab to Zyzneski, from first to last, from five-star Admiral to apprentice seamen the cards were filled with personal achievements, and each one bears within its marking pathos, glamour, perhaps true heroism, and sometimes tragedy. The man who „founded“ the system is Chief Yeoman Frank E. Holec, now retired. Once ashore, Holec assembled a crew of volunteers and, from the oil smeared, water stained, shell torn scraps of paper available, instituted the Fleet Casualty Records Office, now the Records Division of the Fleet Post Office.

Since that time, the handful of records has grown to a collection of more than 2,, cards, kept up to date by a system of reports from every ship and station of the Navy. The war proved long, but the way to victory was certain. The men and women of the Fleet Records Division proved it by their cards. At Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, Marine men and women carried on the work of getting mail to the Marines overseas under the supervision of the U. They were a part of the Fleet Post Office. On the 14th of December the first F.

This was the start of the F. Gordon Patton, MaM 2c, was aboard at the time and was appointed as director of the organization. Within a short while approximately fifteen people joined the band and were given auditions.

Five members of the band made up a unit for this affair. The first F. Thereafter, the reputation of the F. The next important engagement for the orchestra was June 8 when they made their first recording at the Office of War Information. These recordings were used for short wave broadcasting to all the Allied Nations and to our armed forces overseas. In the following reprinted editorial, you will find the history of the F. It has been said that the author who speaks about his own books is almost as bad as a mother who talks about her own children.

But please, mates, may I speak a final word in this last edition of „Letter Pusher“? You see, we’ve been publishing this sheet for one year now and the time is here with this issue, in fact when we put the typewriter in the desk, roll the copy into a file and shove off! As it happens, I’ve fed copy to the machine in front of me for 14 months now and it in turn, through a long process, somehow reached you.

But with a farewell word there will be no copy reaching you again so stand by for a word of thanks from a grateful editor. As a crew you have been the finest mates in the world! You read this junk every time we print and are kind enough to keep your opinions behind my back. We have pictured you to death – even shot at you with flash bulbs! We’ve dug your life histories from every spot of the United States. We manage to find the corniest jokes ever told – and mostly retold – but bless you all, you’ve stood by and read such as it was because it was your paper.

Hints and help from left to right enabled me to shove this to you and where did they come from? Well, they popped in from the crew who were always willing to cooperate.


Jobs For 16 Year Olds Yonkers – – Federal Job Search

, , Government Property Inspectors and Investigators, 40 , Federal Government Jobs, 45 , Flynn O’Hara Uniforms, 1. of diverse opinions and positions by scientists worldwide, wholly by U.S. government employees within the scope of their employment. Whitman, B. J. Sopky, J. J. Godges, T. W. Flynn, and A. Delitto, “Neck Pain: Clinical Practice USAJobs, the Federal Government’s Official Job Site).


Usajobs government jobs federal jobs flynn ohara


They advertise an average of 14, federal job vacancies daily and assist agencies with their recruiting efforts. Each year approximately , people are hired by Uncle Sam. USAJobs offers basic and advanced job searches, an online federal resume builder, applicant online registration where you can check on the status of your applications, save searches, job vacancies, and resumes for future bids.

There are also abundant resources available for your federal jobs search. Job seekers can search by job title, location, occupational series, agency or department, salary range, and pay grade. The advance search feature offers many options to filter your search. You can also register to use their online federal resume builder and you can limit your federal job search to jobs available for current federal employees only or to jobs that the general public can apply for. USAJobs was recently upgraded to a more user friendly format that simplifies the application process for all applicants.

The new site explains various hiring polices and reduced government jargon so that applicants will better understand the process. After registering online you can build and save up to 5 distinct resumes, save and automate job searches, apply for jobs, and explore special hiring programs. You can also see what jobs are in demand. Use their advanced search feature with multiple filters to search for federal government jobs in your occupation, area, and at the desired pay grade.

Also search our consolidated job listings that provide job vacancies for federal, state, and private sectors in your area.


Coping with Social Isolation and Loneliness, Together – Nextdoor Blog

Whitman, B. J. Sopky, J. J. Godges, T. W. Flynn, and A. Delitto, “Neck Pain: Clinical Practice USAJobs, the Federal Government’s Official Job Site). Region II has posted a vacancy announcement on USA Jobs for a Senior Resident alarm even though the government has declared a „nuclear. Computer Ethics jobs available on Apply to Tutor, Customer Service Representative, Computer Technician and more!

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