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Find the US States Quiz.


Central America: Countries. Central America: Capitals. The Antilles: Islands. The Caribbean: Countries. The Caribbean: Countries and Territories. The Caribbean: Capitals. The Caribbean: Capitals of Countries and Territories. The Caribbean: Flags. The Caribbean: Flags of Countries and Territories. The Contiguous U. Canada: Cities. Canada: Province Capitals. Canada: Provinces and Territories. Mexico: Physical Features. Mexico: State Capitals. Mexico: States. South America.

South America: Countries. South America: Capitals. South America: Physical Features. South America: Flags. Europe: Countries. European Union: Countries. Europe: Capitals. Europe: Cities. Europe: Physical Features. I see a whole slew of comments from level 2’s. Also possible that after they commented, quizzes were reset, and their levels dropped. The scores are much lower than I expected too, especially with the amount comments saying people need to make their own site if they wanted quizzes that are less us-centric for like logo quizzes or car quizzes when it is not specified it is about cars in the us.

You’ll be a year old almost a month from now. Well this just be added to the European map quiz when Putin annexes the United States and Trump does nothing to stop it? How is the average only 32! For a non-American who is trying to think through all the information that they can without having ever seriously looked at a map of the US, the time is just right. My favorite is Countries of the World.

Hope I won’t forget anything tomorrow 😀 P. S as you can tell by my username :D. Not native to the USA but got it all on my third try with 3 minutes on the clock. Got them all except i mixed up North and South Dakota because they are shaped so similar i can never tell theam apart. The fact that North Dakota is north of South Dakota might be a good thing to remember. I’m a Brit and managed 50 out of 50 on my 3rd try after about 10 mins of studying I’m from Australia have never left my home state and got all bar 3.

You used to be owned by Hungary and got taken over by Germany in World War 2. I feel like your sentence isn’t finished – what happens when someone in your 9th grade class doesn’t know that Kansas is a state? I hate those middle states like kansas, iowa and nebraska because i never remember where they are.

Why did so many people miss Missouri? I am from greece and I found difficult to understand how they had divided the states in the area next to ohio illinois and north. There’s actually a lot of history of the names and borders of each state. I made a quiz on the states that never quite made it.

I am 11 years old got them all correct on the first try without any help. I love this quiz. Think you know the countries like the back of your hand? As a true Cymro, I think my 49 was good, but exactly how do you remember which is Vermont and which New Hampshire?

This has been a great quiz to help me learn U. I used to confuse therm too. Which Countries have you been to? Does anyone have a trick for telling Colorado and Wyoming apart?? Still can’t believe that I have beaten the countries of the world quiz several times, yet always make at least one miss-click during this quiz. Iowa has the first caucuses, so it’s only proper that it be last in the quiz!

Hey everyone! Still trying out the new SVG on these quizzes. Love your quizzes. In no time, you could learn to locate every single country in the world on a map. Seterra includes fun quizzes that help familiarize you with countries, capital cities, flags, rivers, lakes, and notable geological features. Nine different game modes in Seterra Online challenge you in different ways to help you retain information and keep things interesting.

Also, Seterra Online has a Voice feature that lets you listen to how the place names are pronounced. Seterra currently has more than three million unique visitors each month and growing! It is available in more than 40 languages and works with Mac and Windows, as well as on iOS and Android devices.

All map quizzes are customizable, so that you can select only the locations you want to be quizzed on. Custom quizzes can easily be shared with your friends or students. Read more about custom quizzes. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona More By:. Countries of the World. Find the US States.

Countries of Europe. US Presidents. Countries of Africa. Quiz Creator Spotlight. More Geography Quizzes. Acrostic Balkans. Popular Quizzes Today. Risk and Reward: Europe Population.

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Usa map tests

Seterra is a map quiz game, available online and as an app for iOS an Android. Using Seterra, you can quickly learn to locate countries, capitals, cities, rivers lakes and much more on a . The MAP Test is free for students enrolled in school to take. That being said, if your child is homeschooled and wants to complete the test (in math and reading), you can pay $60 for the . Aug 31,  · Map. hide this ad. PLAY QUIZ % % Score. 0/ Timer. Give Up Recently Published. Building Bridges XXV. by jyrops. Just For Fun. 9m. Find the Vowel-less Company .

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