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Through wars, times of economic uncertainty, social unrest, floods, blizzards, pandemics, and unrelenting technological advances, the people at the Times-Gazette managed to produce a daily newspaper. For years, they gathered news, served their advertisers, and produced something that touched the lives of Ashland County residents — helping to keep them connected with the world and their neighbors.

Today, the news operation led by parent company Gannett is on a continuous cycle with stories, photos and video published at Times-Gazette. And many readers are turning to their phones to find local news instead of turning the pages of the newspaper. Ready to rebound: Ashland community aims for strong post-coronavirus comeback. Once again, Ashland Times-Gazette finds itself at a juncture. The challenge now is to think outside the bricks and mortar and continue to deliver news to the community through the print and digital platforms.

More: Ashland Times-Gazette building to be sold; community’s newspaper will continue. Here’s how to reach us: How to contact the Ashland Times-Gazette. The history of newspapers in Ashland County dates back to , 12 years before the county was established. Papers that later sprang up in the city of Ashland met with a similar fate.

They tended to be short-lived. But they all had one thing in common; they were started by men of means and vision, who strived to promote commerce, American ideals, free expression and — in some cases — a measure of religion. The owners also tended to support one political party or another, or factions within those parties. On July 4, — the 50th anniversary of the Ashland Times — correspondent C. Engle petitioned the higher powers.

We can begin now to lay the foundation of the structure which a half century shall crown. No doubt every scribe, yea every person connected with it in any way, even its thousands of readers, can and will subscribe to that sentiment. The Ashlander, established in , was a direct predecessor of the Ashland Times. Jeff Sprengle bought the Ashlander in and changed the name to the Ashland Times. The Times held the distinction of being the first newspaper between Cleveland and Columbus to be printed on a steam-powered Hoe press.

In , the Ashland Gazette began daily publication. In , the Gazette and Times merged and became the Times-Gazette. Writing in , on the occasion of the Times semi-centennial, Sprengle’s wife, Sophia C. Sprengle, described life at the newspaper:. The growth of the oil industry, ocean telegraphy. The Ashland Press sign remains on the south wall of the old building. The Wagon Wheel bar is located there today. In , in a book commemorating the Ashland Centennial, William A.

Throughout most of its history, the T-G has been a family newspaper. Until four years ago, it was family-run. In the early years, the Beer and Koehl families held shares and operated the paper.

And, in October , they sold the T-G to Dix Communications, owned by the Dix Family, who had been in the newspaper business since the late s. In , the Gazette was founded by Thomas M. Beer, C. Mason and O. Ultimately, they consolidated their holdings, concentrating on publishing the T-G. Beer each wrote brief editorials, assuring readers that the publication would be in good hands.

Beer pointed out parallels between his family and the Dix family, which had been involved in newspaper publishing for four generations in Wooster and other markets. He characterized their relationship as competitive yet respectful. Through the 20th century and a change of ownership, the T-G continued its tradition of embracing technology and expanding space. It was designed to be durable and expandable.

The building was expanded twice — primarily to accommodate new presses. The first time was and the second At that time the T-G replaced the press it had moved from the old building at Second and Orange streets.

In , the T-G switched to an offset press, marking a new era of newspaper production. Through those changes the employees adapted — and even helped in moving and setting up the equipment. Doug Gillespie joined the Times-Gazette printing crew in He stayed on after printing operations were moved in to the Wooster Daily Record and to the Joint Printing Facility in Gillespie remains with the organization to this day. Printers worked in cramped quarters and the pressmen had to improvise when working with the bolts of newsprint.

Nowadays, this is all automated. In a rather colorful T-G feature written in , Virginia Leed interviewed Kerr after his retirement. His wife sure did feed us. Note: This story was changed to fix an error. See correction at bottom. He joined the paper in as a courthouse reporter. McKeachie left in and worked a year and a half at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He returned to the T-G in as city editor. McKeachie retired in after 16 years as managing editor.

In all, he spent 35 years with the organization. Stories written on typewriters were converted into rolls of coded tape by punchers. The tape was then fed into linotype machines and each line became a separate slug of lead.

Skilled page builders assembled the type on page forms according to layouts provided by an editor. Impressions from the page form were used to form the semi-circular press plates.

I think the T-G had at least 60 full-time employees then. After many years as an afternoon newspaper with a 2 p. The linotypes gave way to phototypesetting machines. The photographic type was pasted onto pages. All of the hot metal equipment was removed.

Computer terminals replaced typewriters in the newsroom. Finally, before I retired, we moved to full pagination, with the newspaper pages created on computer screens and transmitted to the press facility in Wooster. The newspaper, during McKeachie’s time, chronicled the many changes that happened from the consolidation of school districts and closing of industries with new ones opening to the construction of the U. Ashland College became Ashland University.

Ted Daniels had a unique perspective on operations at the T-G. A Loudonville native, he worked at the T-G as an intern in He went on to spend 24 years at the Indianapolis Star and, in , left a job as managing editor where he was second in command of a person newsroom. He returned to Ashland County to take the helm at the T-G. Except for a short stint at the Mansfield News Journal in , Daniels served as editor and general manager of the T-G , retiring in August He recalled the first time — back in — when he climbed the steep staircase to the second floor with the overpowering smell of ink wafting from the pressroom.

In , the interior of the T-G building was completely renovated. The newsroom was moved from its cramped quarters at the front of the second floor to more spacious digs in the middle of the building. At the time, the T-G boasted an exceptionally large staff for a small town daily. Daniels explained that, while there was much to be said for competition among media markets, there are advantages to pooling resources with other Gannett-owned newspapers.

And they get a higher level of sports coverage. The readers here are getting pro sports coverage from the Beacon Journal. In its heyday, print media had been a profitable business. But changing times and market forces eroded that. More and more family-owned newspapers and newspaper chains were sold to corporations, which had a bigger reach and more resources.

Prior generations, and current Dix family members, all have felt honor and pride in serving our local communities. Daniels believes that the Times-Gazette can remain relevant and viable as technology frees reporters and editors from desks and landlines. Today’s reporters cover news from any location on multiple platforms, instantly publishing news, photos and video online, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In these technological times, you can still do a good job of covering news remotely. Correction: The Ashland Times-Gazette became a morning newspaper with a midnight press time in The news deadline when it was an afternoon paper was 2 p. The press times were incorrect when this story first published July 1.

During the transition our regular phone numbers will ring busy. Letters to the editor: Letters Times-Gazette. Newspaper delivery and billing: circulation Times-Gazette.



To fill teacher jobs, community colleges offer new degrees


They can dramatically cut the cost and raise the convenience of earning a teaching degree, while making a job in education accessible to a wider diversity of people. In Washington state, nine community colleges offer education degrees for teaching grade school and up. All of the programs started within the last decade.

Around the country, education programs remain far more common at four-year institutions. The expansion comes at a good time: Teacher shortages have worsened in the past decade, and fewer undergraduates are going into teacher training programs.

The number of people completing a teacher-education program declined by almost a third between the and academic years, according to a report in March from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

In all, 51 community college-based teaching programs have launched across the country since the early s. Teacher shortages predate the pandemic. For years, the number of people graduating from teacher education programs has fallen short of demand. In , 57, fewer students nationwide earned education degrees than in To fill gaps in staffing, schools in Washington state have had to turn to underqualified employees.

Some are run by schools, others by colleges. At Yakima Valley College, like other Washington community colleges, teacher candidates are assigned a residency at a partner school for the second half of the two-year program. Students must first have an associate degree before starting the program. Classes are primarily in the evenings. While juggling their work and school load, teacher candidates are also taking a series of tests required by the state to get certified.

Cost was another factor. Many education programs at Washington community colleges grew in response to demand from local schools. In , Centralia and Grays Harbor community colleges launched a teacher education program in collaboration, anticipating that neither would have enough students to run a full program on their own. Each planned to have an initial cohort of 12 teacher candidates. But student interest was high: There were more than 80 applicants to Centralia alone for the first cohort.

The next year, Centralia and Grays Harbor formed their own separate programs, and between the two schools, people have completed degrees.

The AP is solely responsible for all content. Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. When Debra McKnight showed up to a Planned Parenthood rally last October wearing a pastor collar, people thought she was wearing a Halloween costume.

She wasn’t. A Georgia judge has rejected an agreement that would have provided a huge property tax break to Rivian Automotive. Morgan County Superior Court Judge Brenda Trammell finds that under state law, Rivian should be required to pay regular property taxes. The challenge was brought by opponents of the plant. State and local economic developers say they’re considering an appeal. Rivian declined to comment.

Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw says he has been treated for two forms of cancer in the past year. The year-old then said he found a tumor in his neck earlier this year and it turned out to be a Merkel cell tumor, a rare form of malignant skin cancer.

Many religions value forgiveness, but the details of their teachings differ. A psychologist of religion explains how Christian and Jewish attitudes compare. Not all students have access to the same level of parental help at home. So why are they judged as if they do? Experts in Nebraska say over-the-counter hearing aids, while they stand to benefit a lot of people, also pose some questions and concerns. McDonald’s is bringing back its family of recognizable figurines in a new adult Happy Meal, which, yes, includes the toys.

Colette Peters appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday and ticked off a list of top priorities, from solving a staffing crisis to ending widespread misconduct. Her testimony was a stark departure from the combative nature of her predecessor, who drew bipartisan rebukes for foisting blame on others and refusing to accept responsibility.

The Bureau of Prisons has been under increasing scrutiny from Congress amid myriad crises, including rampant sexual abuse of inmates and other staff criminal conduct, chronic understaffing, escapes and deaths.

The Associated Press does not guarantee the content. Hurricane Ian was over southwest Florida for just a few hours. CertainTeed offers you the broadest range of color and style choices. We use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience on our site.

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