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Canada day vancouver islanders vsp vision board
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We include UBC campus tours and organized city tours as part of your Vancouver Summer Program so you can get a local point of view on the best things to. World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. Miguel A Rozo. Global Shaper, Vancouver Hub. Canada. Vidit Aatrey. Chief Executive Officer and Co-.

– Canada day vancouver islanders vsp vision board


Co-presented by Weengushk International Film Festival. It weaves together observational footage, contemporary interviews, oral histories, survival stories told by matriarchs, personal as well as public archives, to tell a story never told before. In early November , raging wildfires killed 88 residents and destroyed tens of thousands of homes in the cities of Malibu and Paradise, two very different California communities. Bring Your Own Brigade captures the heroism and horror of that unfathomable disaster.

Eulogy for the Dead Sea is a poetic experimental documentary chronicling the disappearance of the Dead Sea. It constitutes the lowest place on earth and is known for its therapeutic high-sodium and mineral-rich waters.

Despite its name, the Dead Sea basin is a host to many wildlife species and the Jordan Valley in which it is situated enjoys a warm climate and fertile soil. Through sites of existing and abandoned infrastructure, marking its current and former shores, the film seeks to unify inter-national conflicts through the lens of ecology. In a remote Himalayan region, the villagers of Maikot are preparing for the harvest of a mysterious aphrodisiac caterpillar-mushroom worth more than gold.

Lalita, a young mother, had to let go of her dreams after getting married because of the social pressures of her community. As the whole village departs to the mountains, she joins the journey to the high-altitude pasturelands in hope of providing a better life for her family through the hazardous harvest of the rare mushroom. Set against the backdrop of stunning mountainous landscapes, the film presents an intimate and humane portrait of characters that put everything on the line for a chance to ascend to greener pastures.

Will the harvest be good this year? Due to distribution limitations, this screening will be geoblocked for Ontario residents only. Co-presented by VSP Consignment. Fashion designer Amy Powney of cult label Mother of Pearl is a rising star in the London fashion scene. Raised off-the-grid in rural England by activist parents, Amy has always felt uneasy about the devastating environmental impact of her industry. When she wins the coveted Vogue Award for the Best Young Designer of the Year, which comes with a big cash prize, Amy decides to use the money to create a sustainable collection from field to finished garment, and transform her entire business.

Over the following three years, her own personal revolution becomes the precursor of a much bigger, societal change. Geographies of Solitude is an immersion into the rich ecosystem of Sable Island, guided by naturalist and environmentalist Zoe Lucas who has lived over 40 years on this remote sliver of land in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean.

Shot on 16mm and created using a scope of innovative eco-friendly filmmaking techniques, this feature-length experimental documentary is a playful and reverent collaboration with the natural world. Zoe leads us among wild horses, seals and bugs, through peaks, valleys, roots, sands, weathers, seasons and stars. The intangible is evoked with hidden sounds and vanishing light. Their quest is guided by ancient and new-found knowledge that confirms the interdependence of all that lives, the result of millions of years of co-evolution.

Into the Ice is a journey of discovery to the vast masses of ice and the secret of our future that the ice harbours. Cool and hardworking Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, sensitive and politically engaged Jason Box, and daring and fearless Alun Hubbard are all working to collect new crucial data that can help us answer some key questions of our time: How fast is the ice melting?

How quickly are sea levels rising? How much time do we have left to change the course of the Earth? As the scientists are caught in the dilemma of collecting new evidence to an inconvenient truth while people in power are not prepared to take action to prevent the earth from dying, the film brings us breathtaking images from a place that soon will be lost as we know it now.

A documentary tale about science, nature and adventure. In a sprawling mega city where the dangers of climate change are present not future, acclaimed filmmaker Rahul Jain shows a world on the brink. Invisible Demons offers a deeply experiential and new perspective on its subject: the clear and present climate reality.

Jain engages the senses by directly stimulating our desire to live in a world with equitable access to clean air and water. Is it possible to imagine this future in Delhi, in India, or anywhere in the modern world? Ranger is a story about the wilderness within us all. Upending the male-dominated reliance upon military-style training to make a wildlife ranger, Virginia, Liz, Momina and Damaris instead undergo a 6 month rite of passage, rooted in deep trauma-release and healing processes.

Their journey triggers profound transformation, sending shockwaves through their communities. Ranger largely takes place in the middle of the Laikipia plateau, on the slopes of the snow-capped Mount Kenya. It is a place of warriors, cattle and goat-herding pastoralist tribes, horizons lined by acacia trees, plains roamed by giants. While it is a deeply human story, the film also pays homage to this precious place by letting the audience feel the natural symphony of rain, blistering heat, the thirst of land and animal alike, the crisp Laikipia night, the exhilaration and vulnerability of sleeping in the bush under the moon and stars.

Rebellion tells the compelling story of a group of unlikely allies who come together to confront the climate and ecological emergency. From the launch of Extinction Rebellion in , we follow them as they navigate the highs and lows of crashing into the status quo — and each other.

This is a film which captures the human drama of social change. Unzen, Kyushu, Japan. At pm, on June 3rd , a pyroclastic flow — a cloud of superheated gases and particles — descended at over mph from the peak of the volcano, consuming everything in its path. It instantly killed Katia and Maurice Krafft, volcanologists and filmmakers from the Alsace region in France. They were too close. They were almost always too close.

Werner Herzog who had access to the entire archive, created a film that cannot be categorized. It is not a biography. It is a rather a requiem celebrating the legacy of Katia and Maurice Krafft. Co-presented by The Goethe Institute — Toronto. Co-presented by NAME. The country is now stuck with the most Chinese debts in Latin America. Meanwhile, China uses the Ecuadorian government to turn the country into one of its new colonies, having made the country dependent on credit through a series of corrupt and greedy treaties.

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Got a question about the Vancouver Summer Program? Get in touch by email. Apply Now. Toggle Search. Experience life in Vancouver and embrace Canadian culture through a range of unique and exciting local activities. Victoria 1-day Take a ferry to Vancouver Island and visit the capital of British Columbia, Victoria—a bustling seaport town with a reputation for its outdoor activities and historical past. Tofino 3-days Surfing, whales, hiking—need we say more? Event Description: required.

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Canada day vancouver islanders vsp vision board


Vanocuver, specialization canada day vancouver islanders vsp vision board the key to success for many travel professionals in frontline sales. To help you excel and effectively sell one of the world’s most spectacular destinations, Destination Vancouver has designed the Vancouver Specialist Program, источник interactive online training program that will provide you with the knowledge to increase your sales and deliver tailored itineraries for your clients.

The Vancouver Specialist Program is an educational tool designed to expand your knowledge of Vancouver and help you sell the destination more effectively.

This program was designed to be intuitive, interactive and engaging. We believe learning islqnders be interesting, fulfilling and fun — just like a visit to Vancouver. Learn more about the VSP. Achieving a Vancouver Specialist designation means you will have even more confidence to promote and sell Vancouver.

More importantly, your clients will really ielanders that the knowledge you have of the city will allow you to canada day vancouver islanders vsp vision board a better travel experience for them. Find out more about signing up to the VSP. As a frontline sales agent, when you earn accreditation as a Vancouver Specialist you will receive a Vancouver Specialist certificate in recognition of your qualification, islanderw well as access to special benefits and sales resources to further enhance your ability to sell the destination to your clients.

Read more about accreditation. Getting started on the path gision becoming a Vancouver Canada day vancouver islanders vsp vision board is easy – just click vancouvfr link above to register for the program now.

Learn more about getting started. Home About Questions Resources Contact. Sign up Login. Become a Vancouver Specialist Today! Sign up now to get started. Already signed up? Log in here. What is the VSP? Перейти на источник sign up? What do I get? How do I get started? Learn more about getting started Achieving a Vancouver Specialist designation means you will have even more confidence to promote and sell Vancouver.

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We include UBC campus tours and organized city tours as part of your Vancouver Summer Program so you can get a local point of view on the best things to. days from the date you receive this notice to request a review by View a Canadian Dollar to Japanese Yen currency exchange rate graph. View Stacey Okino’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional Ability Management Consultant at Island Health – Vancouver Island Health.

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