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The great Canadian maple syrup heist | History .Man behind Canada’s maple syrup heist ordered to pay $7 mln fine | Reuters


The heist may be one of the largest thefts in Canadian history. French settlers learned how to tap maple trees and reduce sap into maple syrup from Indigenous peoples. Did you know? Quebec is a major producer of maple syrup and maple products.

In , Quebec contributed Canada is a leading producer and exporter of maple products, accounting for 75 per cent of the global market. Despite this long-standing tradition and the global demand for maple sugar and syrup, the harvesting and production of these seasonal products have often been a secondary farming enterprise among Quebec farmers.

See also Agriculture and Food. The reason for this is that the price of syrup depends on the quality, quantity and the timing of the harvest. The variability of these factors makes focusing uniquely on the production of maple syrup economically unwise. To manage the supply of maple syrup, the QMSP established a strategic reserve in In , due to a surplus of maple syrup, the QMSP increased the size of its strategic reserve, expanding to a warehouse located in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec.

In July , an inspector from the QMSP was conducting an annual inspection of the maple syrup stored at the Saint-Louis-de-Blandford strategic reserve. As he climbed up a stack of barrels, one nearly fell over. Normally, the full barrels would weigh approximately kg and be very difficult to move. The inspector opened some of the barrels and discovered that they were empty. In addition, it was later found that other barrels, which appeared full, were in fact filled with water.

It was also reported that some barrels were dirty despite the cleanliness of the Saint-Louis-de-Blandford reserve and rusty an unusual characteristic as maple syrup does not oxidize. The facility had no security cameras and there was no video evidence of the theft. The SQ determined that the theft was an inside job. Police focused on individuals who had access to warehouses in the same industrial park as the strategic reserve.

It was then established that from October to August , a group of thieves were taking barrels of maple syrup and syphoning the syrup into their own barrels. The empty barrels were then filled with water before being returned to the strategic reserve.

The thieves distributed their stolen maple syrup from a legitimate operation located in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick has a smaller maple syrup industry and is not subject to the price and production controls that exist in Quebec. This visualization features a hand-picked group of highly-talented, motivated, and frankly quite handsome individuals, each perfectly suited to a specific role crucial to the burglary.

In , for example, an entire meter-long bridge was stolen in Ukraine. In the span of a year to a group of thieves stole nearly 10, barrels of maple syrup from a warehouse in the Canadian province of Quebec. At first, maple syrup sounds like an unusual target, unless you also plan on robbing a lifetime supply of flour, eggs, and waffle makers. But when you consider that a barrel of maple syrup is worth up to 25 times more than a barrel of crude oil, the payoff starts to sound a little sweeter.

Adjusting for inflation, it was the most valuable heist in Canadian history. The FPAQ subjects its members to quotas, meaning that all producers in Quebec are allowed to send them a fixed amount of maple syrup to be sold each year.

Any excess syrup producers generate is stored in a reserve, known as the International Strategic Reserve, and is stored in warehouses across a number of small Quebec towns.

Crystal Ferreira, who recently taught a class centered on heists at the progressive educational institute Polyhistoria, explains why one of these warehouses was the perfect target:. This warehouse was partly owned by the wife of someone named Avik Caron. As it turns out, Caron was one of the men directly involved in the heist. Caron needed more than just access to the warehouse in order to turn the syrup into gravy; he needed some way to sell it. As Ferreira explains, there already existed a seemingly simple solution to that problem.

In turn, Somali fishermen started demanding ransom money from foreign ships over-fishing their waters.


Who stole the maple syrup in canada. Maple syrup heist mastermind must pay $9 million fine for stealing tons of the pancake topper

The facility had no security cameras and there was no video evidence of the theft. Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist. Remember me.


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