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These farmers provide the bulk of syrup in the country. There has been a general increase in production of syrup in the past five years, especially from the large-scale producers. The state government asserts that there is an enormous opportunity in Asia and Europe as maple syrup is growing in popularity in these regions. However, farmers have expressed fears that weather change may have adverse effects on maple production. Others have also pointed out that overproduction may reduce demand and hence lower profitability of the product.

The province of Ontario is the second largest producer of maple in Canada producing close to a quarter a million gallons annually. Almost all of this is produced commercially. The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association is conducting research on the possible health effects the product may have on the human body.

New York maple production is more traditional than commercial. It takes place in two weekends. The public is also shown different ways to cook and bake with maple syrup. Maine produces what is arguably the sweetest maple syrup in the world. According to researchers, the sweetest maple syrup is produced where sunny days with warm temperatures follow freezing night temperatures. All the maple syrup sold in Maine is Grade A.

The syrup comes in varying colors including; golden color, amber color, dark color and extremely dark color which has an adamant flavor. The increased popularity of the product has translated to increased demand and hence better returns to the producers.

However, climatic change has dealt a huge blow to the production of the product. A welcome email is on its way. If you don’t see it, please check your junk folder. The next issue of NP Posted will soon be in your inbox. We encountered an issue signing you up. Please try again. News that millions of dollars worth of maple syrup had been stolen from a Quebec warehouse prompted amazement and the odd wisecrack. How does anyone even unload that much black-market syrup? And, Quebec actually has a global strategic syrup reserve?

The provincial police threw everything at the investigation, interviewing nearly people connected to the industry and executing search warrants in New Brunswick, Ontario and the northern United States. In mid-December, they announced a series of arrests, including that of Mr. Beyond the jokes about sticky-fingered thieves, the crime has exposed a simmering war in the woods over syrup production and sales.

Since the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers tightened its supply-management system, introducing quotas and a single sales agency in , a thriving black market has developed. Producers who exceed their quotas must transfer the excess into the strategic reserve, which is intended to cushion the effect of a bad season. Inspectors use aliases to stage phoney illegal syrup deals to ensnare bootleggers, just like undercover police conducting drug stings.

He had tried to get around the rules by buying the syrup in four-litre containers, which producers are allowed to sell directly to consumers, and then transferring the product to barrels for wholesale distribution. He devotes a large part of his practice to defending maple-syrup producers against the federation, and currently has about 20 producers as clients.

Mercier said in an interview. With the sales agency they are, at the same time, the producers, the sellers, the buyers. Girouard likened the syrup restrictions in Quebec to Prohibition, and said it was to be expected that a black market would emerge. Mercier agreed. Export Inc.

He has repeatedly bought syrup from Quebec without going through the federation, arguing that its rules do not apply to his operation across the provincial border. One of his suppliers is Mr. Export with a warrant. They cleared out Mr. In December, he was the lone buyer charged when the police announced their arrests.

She said the syrup purchase from Mr. If he had, we might have been suspicious. In Vermont, Maple Grove issued a statement last week denying any knowledge that it had purchased stolen syrup. But the federation is not buying that, and it is playing hardball, seeking to have the company struck from the list of approved buyers. National Post ghamilton nationalpost.

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– Maple syrup production canada post

Statistical overview of the Canadian maple industry, Partly in line with this hypothesis, we found a few geographic variables had a significant effect on responses to some questions, but political view was also an important and significant factor shaping the responses, particularly with regard to future impacts Table 3. However, the most important barriers to the implementation of these strategies appears to be the lack of easily accessible information about the effects of climate change on maple syrup production, followed by the lack of financial means and technical support. CBC Explains the purpose of this reserve and why it had to be tapped into, and whether there was really a shortage of maple syrup. Since the quotas were implemented in , prices have stabilized at near-historic highs, despite the continuing natural fluctuation of the harvest. Social and ecological conditions of cranberry production and climate change attitudes in New England. Really thank you!


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