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Matura – Egzamin w Formule | Oxford University Press.


She was developed and relatable. You were able to feel her internal struggles and see that events that made her who she is and will be. Overall Tiger Queen was a quick enjoyable read that is perfect for fantasy lovers. This is also a standalone which means there was no cliffhanger! This shouldn’t be too spoilery since we learn a lot in the beginning of the book.

I did not include any major spoilers. My only complaint besides a food thing I’ll mention below is that I want more from this world. Kateri has spent her whole life living in Achra. After her mother and sibling died, Kateri’s father began preparing her to lead.

She was told about the history of Achra and how the desert chose the first leader. Achra This shouldn’t be too spoilery since we learn a lot in the beginning of the book.

Achra has been plagued by a drought that started before Kateri was born. She doesn’t know any different. Her father restricts water, but not so much for his home. Kateri is never hungry or thirsty. She even takes baths. Because she was taught to fight and also to hate, Kateri is pretty oblivious to what is going on in Achra. She knows what she is told and she is angry. The king is never afraid to tell the people of Achra that The Desert Boys are stealing the water and drying up the wells.

They killed the queen and her newborn son. They are to blame for everything wrong. So when a desert boy is captured, he is put on display in the arena to chose a door. Behind one door is freedom and behind the other is a hungry tiger ready to kill them. Kateri cheers this on. She wants revenge for the one person who really loved her, the queen.

The Desert Boys are led by a young man named Cion that was said to be the best fighter alive. He is talked about so much that Kateri questions if he’s really a real person. That is until she meets him by a well while the Desert Boys were on a raid. Kateri has to battle every month leading up until her 17th birthday. If she loses, she has to marry the winner and he becomes the ruler. If she wins, she will rule. Her trainer is Rodric, a hateful man that her father adores.

Rodic is bad. We learn this very quickly. There is a lot more to him that comes out later in the book, so I won’t ruin that for anyone. Kateri’s father makes a choice that she doesn’t agree with. She needs to flee in order to get the help she needs.

And that help is found with Cion and the Desert Boys. Kateri is reluctantly taken in by them and trained by Cion.

She starts to learn more about the Achra outside her walls. There are secrets that come out and Kateri wonders if anything in her life was the truth. She has to make some big decisions on what she believes is right. I guessed right away that there would be a enemy to lovers relationship in the book and that is my favorite. There is not much romance though. It’s more about the strange feelings Kateri has for Cion. She also found a family in the Desert Boys and I love found family stories.

I loved everything that took place in the desert. The boys, especially Cion swoon and Dimic. I loved the dangers and the training. I loved how Cion knew how to use the sand to his advantage. And I loved how the „boys“ took care of each other as family.

Kateri was used to a king that only looked out for himself first and then a handful of others. He ruled with fear while Cion ruled with love. I will add that the food was hard for me to read as a lizard breeder.

They eat lizards, snakes, and scorpions. So be prepared for that. I also struggled with the half starved tigers being held captive. Anything with animals being mistreated makes me sad. I feel like there might be more that I’m forgetting.

I gave this book 5 stars. Thank you to Blink and Edelweiss for my review copy. This will end up on my favorites of the year list.

I really liked this story. I think it takes on a lot of issues including abusive family, poverty, and privilege in a well written way.

Having not read the short story this book was based off of, it feels original and fun. I enjoyed the roller coaster ride it put me on! This story captivated me from the first page! And the things she thought she knew and believed are challenged. She finds that This story captivated me from the first page! Instead, being kind and forgiving, caring for the people and being their voice are where true strength lies.

She learns that she needs others in order to succeed herself. There are so many wonderful lessons this story imparts as Kateri grows and matures throughout the book, often with the help of the infamous Desert Boys. But will she have learned enough to fight her biggest battle and win? Will she be able to become the Queen her kingdom needs? Content: This is a clean read with a PG rating for descriptions of battle and violence.

Rating: I give this book all the stars! I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I express in this review are my own. View all 3 comments. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I loved this twist on the short story „The Lady or the Tiger.

The fight scenes were amazing and had me on the edge. I especially liked the close bonds Kateri had to her family and people and her willingness to make great sacrifices for them. The desert setting comes to life with Sullivan’s wonderful storytelling skills. And Cion, I have no words other than he grabbed my heart. This fast-paced adve I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. This fast-paced adventure will have you thirsting for more! With an ongoing drought the kingdom, Achra, has a serious water shortage, meaning there was a whole population in a desperate situation with little hope.

Thoughts: The Tiger Queen opens in the arena. A Desert Boy had been caught smuggling contraband goods into the city. The Desert Boys are infamous because they steal the water from the city, exacerbating an already tenuous situation due to the drought.

These boys live out in the desert where no one can survive and the guards have difficulty finding them so they are rarely caught. Within these opening scenes we are quickly introduced to everything at stake: the Desert Boys, the King and his daughter Kateri, and Rodric the captain of the guards. Not only is there a lack of water, but the arena holds two very hungry tigers and the desert holds even more dangers, such as sand snakes and scorpions.

To be honest, the middle section is where I will always worry about in a book. Does it keep my interest? Do the secrets get told early enough to where I am not frustrated by lack of knowledge? Thankfully, the middle in the Tiger Queen is where the 2nd part of the story begins. The plot and the pacing kept a steady rhythm as Kateri leaves the safety of he city and is introduced to the real desert as well as the Desert Boys and their leader, Cion.

But, I was intrigued by two aspects. First, how little can one human drink each day and still survive? I take water for granted — somewhat. I know we should conserve it as best we can, but I also know that it is always at my fingertips at the press of a button or turn of a handle. But I was equally interested in how much thought I gave the issue of how one goes about controlling an entire population — especially in the desert. And more importantly — why would you want to do that?

It makes no sense to me. The lies one would tell to hold onto power often overwhelm my sense of understanding. This book was a fun read and I loved how time flew by when reading it. It is also a stand-alone fantasy book. Definitely recommend this to those who looking for a YA fantasy adventure and perhaps a hint of romance. Rating: 5 stars Thank you to Netgalley and Blink for the advanced reader copy and the opportunity to provide an honest review.

I also want to thank the author for speaking on behalf of the Oxford comma in the Acknowledgment section. I, who rather enjoyed analyzing the story and making an assumption on the final outcome offered my opinion that the tiger came out of the door, not the lady.

I never really had a complete conversation with this peer again but the following year I had Ap government and politics with him where I discovered literature is not the only thing he is opinionated and passionate about.

So what does Tiger Queen entail? Kateri has been training her whole life for the monthly battles against her prospect suitors for the year leading up to her seventeenth birthday in which if she is successful in all battles, Kateri will become the queen of Achra. But, if she fails, Kateri will become a dutiful wife to the suitor she lost to. To begin, Kateri had an impressive character arc given the page count.

At the beginning of Tiger Queen I was not a fan, I found Kateri to be very aggressive and not very smart. But as the story continued Kateri realized her ignorance and selfishness and learned from her misconceptions to better herself. Other events throughout the story like Kateri removing her cuff, Kateri trusting the Desert Boys, finding out the truth of her father, and the epilogue also helped show her growth.

But from other reviews, I read that Tiger Queen was described as a feminist story which I think leads to the biggest disappointment. Kateri is the only prominent female character and her relationship with the other females in the book is what I would describe as wary and tense.

So definitely not feministic. But without this knowledge prior to reading, I believe the book was much more enjoyable. It’s returning the water you’ve taken from the earth“ But that being said, I did have a few gripes with Tiger Queen. First, I believe that the characters were poorly described. Yes, I had an image in my head of what all the characters looked like but I had no idea if it was accurate. I know that Cion had longer hair and dimples; Rodric was muscular; Kateri wore a cuff to cover her scar on her neck and was also muscular, and I got the impression that they all had a darker skin tone due to living in the desert, but I felt that we need more descriptions of all the characters.

I also feel as though Tiger Queen lacked depth. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by Tiger Queen. Though I wish we had better descriptions of the characters, and more depth and ruthlessness, I found the characters personalities enjoyable to read and the plot enticing and very well-paced.

I really enjoyed this! It’s clean, fun, has an adorable romance, a satisfying ending, interesting characters, and some lovely quotes. There’s some good action scenes and some great tension. Short of time? You can use Oxford Word Skills for just 20 or 30 minutes of a lesson.

Short explanations and quick practice activities mean minimal preparation. More than 1, interactive activities give students extra practice for every unit to consolidate what they have learned in the Student’s Book. Pronunciation models and dialogues give students listening practice as well as an opportunity to say new words and practise new phrases.

Reading and writing activities for each unit provide extra consolidation. The more times you use a word, the more you are likely to remember it! Students can use the Notebook to save and print out their own notes or translations. Oxford Word Skills online Students have access to even more practice material to expand and improve their vocabulary including listening activities and tests. Nevertheless, local stakeholders e. To help consolidate differences in ethical values, frameworks and standards of care for human participants in clinical trials undertaken in international contexts, mandated reviews should include processes at local level [ 45 , 46 ].

Local ethical review boards may be better equipped to understand the complexities of the conditions in situ [ 45 , 46 , 47 , 48 ]. Their inclusion in the review process may help to navigate the interplay between wider stakeholders e.

Submitting projects for independent review to appropriate ethical bodies was mandated or strongly recommended Table 1 as a safeguarding approach for animal welfare, though there are limitations in a process that relies on one-off review performed prospectively.

Ethical oversight is increasingly required throughout projects to fully quantify their impact on animals and review the quality of scientific outcomes [ 27 ].

This commentary is a first exploration of the appropriateness of existing guidance and regulatory oversight for ethical decision-making in interventions or innovations targeting dogs and cats in the field.

The literature review process was rapid, and there is geographical bias in the publications consulted US and European focus and authorship , particularly on ethics of animal versus human clinical research, due to what is available in the peer-reviewed literature.

However, the early engagement of multidisciplinary experts with knowledge in the field meant the review process focused on literature that was practical and relevant to the scope of our work. The Think Tank also helped hone in on pertinent issues in a difficult and complicated ethical landscape. The review, together with insights from the Think Tank has emphasized the inherent difficulties in navigating these complex, highly variable field contexts. This process has sparked initiatives to develop an interactive tool to promote practical ethical decision-making in the field, with relevance to veterinarians, animal welfare organizations, government agencies, ethical review boards and even project funders.

The ethical principles applied in current guidance alone do not fully provide a systematic or suitable framework to support decision-making, that promotes humane and responsible practices more widely for animals and the human communities where they live. For those of us working in field contexts, limited guidance for ethical decision-making and the absence of ethical review, may prevent us from adequately identifying, avoiding and mitigating potential and actual harms to animals and humans during the lifetime of the intervention or innovation.

Furthermore, journals increasingly require a formal process of ethical review to be undertaken, which if not performed will prevent dissemination of findings from these important projects through peer-reviewed publication.

These types of projects are likely to benefit from additional support and ethical oversight, which in turn requires a better understanding of the ethical issues practitioners, researchers and ethicists have faced when working in the field.

Given these difficulties, the current process of formal ethical review, where mandated or available may be inadequate. It is unlikely to consider different ethical frameworks other than utilitarianism that influence decision-making by diverse local stakeholders related to animal welfare, and it may not reflect the interests of human communities where the animals are found, and on whom they may be dependent.

Formal ethical review processes may be more robust if they include broader representation and incorporate local stakeholders—although capacity for ethical review may need to be built at local level if there are no suitable existing review bodies, and it may require additional time for review processes to be completed. When organizations are not partnered with academic institutions, where a principle investigator takes responsibility for submitting projects for ethical review, an equivalent competent person will need to be identified to ensure the process of ethical review is followed.

This may be the project lead, or individuals carrying out monitoring, evaluation or impact assessment for innovations or interventions. The ethical requirements of field projects will change over their lifetime, necessitating prospective and intermediate oversight, and retrospective review.

Reflective practices are important for capturing learnings to inform the ethical conduct of current and future projects. This knowledge can be consolidated into more appropriate ethical frameworks and shared to guide decision-making by those who work to promote animal welfare in field contexts.

We gratefully acknowledge the participants of the Think Tank, for their comments and insights on the original internal review document and their contribution to the discussions of ethical decision-making in animal welfare innovation. In addition, the authors would like to thank two anonymous reviewers for their helpful feedback on the manuscript. Valerie A. Benka, Susan F. Getty, Joyce R. Briggs conceived the topic and undertook an initial review prior to the Think Tank in ethical decision-making in animal welfare innovation.

Louisa Tasker included additional literature and interpretation to the original review and wrote the paper with review input from other authors. The authors declare no conflict of interest.

The funding sponsors had no role in the inception of the literature review, in the writing of the manuscript or in the decision to publish the results. Animals Basel. Published online Jan Getty , 2 Joyce R. Briggs , 2 and Valerie A. Benka 2. Susan F. Find articles by Susan F. Joyce R. Find articles by Joyce R. Find articles by Valerie A. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Nov 28; Accepted Jan Abstract Simple Summary Large populations of domestic dogs and cats are found living, or in close association with humans.

Abstract Domestic dogs Canis lupus familiaris and cats Felis silvestris catus are common species targeted by nongovernmental or intergovernmental organizations, veterinarians and government agencies worldwide, for field interventions e. Keywords: domestic dog, domestic cat, animal welfare, ethical review, ethical decision-making, innovation, field intervention, practical guidance.

Introduction Domestic dogs Canis lupus familiaris and cats Felis silvestris catus are prevalent and widely distributed [ 1 , 2 ], with global numbers estimated to be and million, respectively [ 2 , 3 ].

Table 1 Brief overview of ethical guidance for conducting research on animals. Population Ethical Framework, Ethical Review and Additional Considerations Animals housed in laboratories: Includes research and development of veterinary pharmaceuticals or technologies.

Veterinary clinical trials —includes observational and interventional; undertaken to meet the legal requirements for safety and efficacy testing under field conditions. Novel veterinary therapeutic interventions e. To benefit animals—research is conducted in the target species; therapeutic application to other animals. There are obligations of, and to the owner relating to informed consent understand risk vs.

Harm or distress may be experienced by the owner or keeper [ 34 , 35 ]. The complexities of human-animal relationship, the veterinary-client relationship and who is acting in the best interests of the animal may impact decision-making. Veterinarians should be mindful of conflicts of interest e. Strong recommendations not to undertake novel therapeutic interventions on stray or feral animals e.

Within-species interactions e. Between-species interactions e. Open in a separate window. Table 2 Brief overview of ethical guidance for conducting clinical trials on human participants. Population Ethical Framework, Ethical Review and Additional Considerations Humans in field contexts: Clinical trials conducted on human participants with a focus on international settings.

The conflicts in ethics [ 49 ] and standards of human care between countries [ 47 , 48 ]. Identification of risks and benefits to the participant must be appropriately communicated [ 43 ]. Researchers must obtain voluntary, informed consent from participants; participants also have the right to voluntarily withdraw from the study [ 43 ]. Local variations in factors e. Recommendations for ensuring vulnerable and disadvantaged populations benefit from inclusion into the research e.

Community engagement and acceptability is recognized as critical to the success of human clinical trials [ 48 , 50 ]. Results and Discussion Drawing from the literature review, Table 1 summarizes ethical guidance on the use of animals for research conducted in a range of settings regulated experiments on animals, veterinary clinical studies, novel veterinary interventions and research conducted on free-living wildlife.

Speaker Identity Construction in sciences students. Results of questionnaires on identity construction in academic Cultures, Chongqing University.

This paper Her research interests include ESP, Fiona Nimmo currently holds the post blended learning mode is well accepted tries to explore how speakers construct teaching methodology, course of Programme Co-ordinator at the by students as it meets their need for their identities in 3 Minute Thesis design, ahd textbook adaptation. For those who have 20 years and was granted the Teaching the subject English for Professional and and Cultures, Chongqing University, no research experience, teaching them Excellence Award by Beihang University.

Academic Communication, where they majors in English for specific purposes. The main goal of the project is for Early-stage Candidates: A first-stage students, which is reading- Aviation University of China. Her research to foster cross-curricular skills – such Reading-oriented Approach oriented. We describe the objectives, interests include foreign language as collaboration and team-building, As a branch of ESP, English for Research material selection principles, and the teaching and second language acquisition.

We also describe how genre- Student Engagement through room experiences. Results in this project teachers engaging in English academic analysis method is used to guide the Use of Escape Rooms.

The with students in several technical and writing education in China. However, reading, how we reinforce the genre Case of English for Specific engineering degrees demonstrate that preparing ERPP course material has awareness of students by comparing Purposes in Technical Degrees the following objectives have been been challenging, as students may be in science news and research articles, and achieved: 1 promote active involvement different stages of their research despite how scaffolding teaching method is Innovation in educational techniques and motivation in the subject through their similar language proficiency level.

Our attempt and methodologies, such as experiential game, 2 improve oral proficiency in Inspired by Cargill, we propose that for is expected to provide insight into learning, are gaining ground in current English, 3 learn technical vocabulary ERPP course in university, students should preparation of ERPP course material.

This means that and 4 encourage collaborative work. Reading-oriented material is School of Foreign Languages of Beihang of the 21st century. One of the new doctorate in English Philology from applicable for first-stage students who University in China. Her interests are in challenges that arise is the use of the University of Granada. His PhD have no research experience, writing- the areas of Second Language Acquisition, escape rooms in the classroom, which dissertation focused on the design and oriented material for middle-stage Language Teaching, and Academic implemented correctly, help to enhance validation of the English component for students who have data and are ready English Writing and Speaking.

She has skills that students must develop for the University Entrance Exam. Shortly to write papers, and revising-oriented published several articles on the CSSCI future use in the workplace. They consist after completing his doctorate, he material for advanced-stage students journals. Miguel academic papers. The idea of using Purposes ERPP and has been the chief- The clues and keys to exit are achieved works in the Department of Linguistics distinct teaching material for students in editor of two textbooks for ERPP course, by solving small problems or logic games.

Then the paper published about 20 academic papers. These several research projects on language mainly introduces the course design, challenges can be especially relevant in assessment and bilingual education. This presentation and language assessment. He is the effectiveness of the course. By introducing the Director of The Center for Teaching and will outline the various ways in which author of A Test Impact Study under the the fundamental concepts, knowledge Research of Translation and Interpreting.

Engineering, Civil Engineering and be presented. Finally, we will highlight He is currently working on language. But language students are obtained which shed light on how University in which peer review Tunisia, and Universities in the UK and of translation majors usually are very to improve the course in the future.

This curriculum as an attempt to address learners on pre-sessional courses in the paper introduces an innovative EAP Binhong Wang is an associate professor some of the key challenges faced by UK at the University of Bristol, Durham course — Introduction to Engineering at the International Studies, Harbin teachers and learners. Previous research University and Heriot-Watt University. Her current research interests include language teacher identity and action research.

He assessment tasks. Having countries, but how it is conceived and relate to both of these areas of EAP. His understand, appreciate and act on the joined XJTLU in , Andy currently delivered differs somewhat according forthcoming book, to be published in , feedback. In this workshop, Andy will leads an Advanced Writing and a to national contexts and local student is entitled Expressing Critical Thinking lead the discussion on how we can apply Linguistic module, and provides language needs.

While some universities Feedback and feedforward are integral review of the effectiveness of On-site, Online, or Blended offer the usual pre-sessional and in- elements in the teacher-student indirect formative feedback, Pre-sessionals? In the 1. General class feedback, prepare students to take National context of EAP written production, 2. Written individual feedback, Pre-sessional programmes are short, Certificates at three levels that focus on the focus is frequently on supplying 3.

Checklists, intensive courses intended to equip EAP. In-text annotations, students with the academic language a brief overview of EAP as it is delivered towards correcting and improving 5. Individual student tutorials. However, time constraints often limit the of Scotland, Andy McIntosh obtained universities in other countries. While University.

Professionally, Andy has been in pre-sessional curricula owing to the of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. However, of the five-week pre-sessional University EAP pedagogy of particularity, information about this presenter will be when a global pandemic suddenly forces course.

Her research the oppression of language education to of its curriculum need to be reconsidered, interests include source use and citation its liberation, and the increasing critical A Research Based on SEM Analysis including materials design, modes practices in academic writing, feedback consciousness among the present and of the Effectiveness of Self-efficacy of delivery, and assessment. However, the difficulty of academic students engage with academic lectures sector for 12 years. This paper feedback at various stages of the of subject-relevant lexis and integrating knowledge structure of the EAP teachers explores how the three factors of Self- assessment process.

Some of these peer review into curricula to assist with three key elements as EAP Content efficacy, i. Structural development through language study. Language skills addressed in direct and indirect relationships among may want to retain and develop when the latent variables. The findings are as EAP pedagogy always include: listening we are able to return to our classrooms. She was one deputy director writing, and vocabulary development.

However, by press time no biographical However, a dynamic and transformative information had been received. SE indirectly predict PBW performance revealed that LOAs, when implemented, must they significantly develop linguistic through cognitive strategies. Finally, useful. It was also viewed by the teacher language skills for critical thinking and Korea, Ethiopia, the United Arab based on the importance of Self-efficacy as a starting point to improve the quality problem solving, accommodating the Emirates, and China.

The presentation will needs of both learners and institutions Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the authors suggest teachers and peers to contribute to the understanding of how Benesch, , but consideration must University of Leicester.

Xiongying Tang has a PhD in language group negotiations. This presentation and training in cultural mapping and testing and assessment from Shanghai considers the wider applications of navigation. Research interests undergraduate courses College English language communication and will between host culture expectations and include SLA, English reading and writing.

Instruction Medium Research interests are Second regulated learning in an information era. This challenge for students who have had Undergraduate EAP Course Students enrolled in transnational presentation thus considers possible little experience of learning content This presentation reports the practice of a education TNE bachelor programs academic communication scenarios subjects in English at school and learned learning-oriented assessment LOA in an in China who study through English- and classroom instruction that can the language only as a school subject.

Her current research EAP teaching and assessment was study, school medium of instruction is format of teacher support with a specific focuses on curriculum design featuring limited. Based on education. In such a context, students English language levels and disciplines. Yu is an active program, and to shed light on the EAP materials should be improved.

She has published an article universities in Shanghai, China. Economics, China. She has completed for academic study in English as well as in an international conference. She is The survey included five dimensions, e. Results in Chinese national teaching contests. The results of applied linguistics in China. She is the English learning anxiety in receptive teaching EAP. She used to work in Henan developed school-feature-based EAP invited evaluation expert for China Social skills decreases, while that in productive University and won teaching awards courses.

However, some deficiencies Science Fund Project, China Academic skills increases with longer time studying there. She intervention, and the most appropriate lie in assessment, curriculum design, process of EAP was not sufficient. She is abilities to study, work and communicate rather than efficiency in practices. Her research and the needs of local students seem to can be useful in concept explanation findings from research conducted last areas include: EAP and ESP teaching have difficulties to satisfy each other in such as thinking through argument.

The American psychologist Ningbo China. Her academic interests Jonathan Tillotson has worked in China with doctorate in the evaluation of Bandura has emphasized the role include Cross-Cultural Communication, for 12 years in both Ningbo and Suzhou. She also of human self-regulatory behaviors in English Language Education, Classroom A specialist in the integration of content completed her post-doctoral research in social cognitive theory.

She enjoys in encouraging a more positive, student- Georgetown University as an advanced agency would affect decision-making reading and communicating with centred approach to the teaching of researcher for a year, and then as a processes Mercer, As observed people from various disciplines such practices relating to Academic Integrity.

Some EMI classes constant innovations. For Competence, stated by Xue from student. You will practice basic academic discourse and developed discussions and presentations required in writing materials for EAP writing courses.

However, and advisors who support them. EAP teachers should and black ink pen are preferred. EMI classes. She is disciplines. In this presentation, I will Chinese as a second language since , pseudonym. The participants of the currently a PhD student at Graduate discuss a critical review of EAP research and she has also taught Chinese culture, study were six education-major Japanese School of Education, Waseda University, in the Korean context, and then discuss including paper folding, calligraphy, students, who had TOELF ITP level researching on emotions and resilience pedagogical implications and possible and traditional Chinese games, etc.

She has taught Chinese observations, the study elicited some A genre-based approach has been South Korea. Her research interests language and culture in Russia, Ireland key strategies that students themselves influential in the teaching and learning include genre analysis, genre-based and different cities in China.

A Suzhou invented. Strategies included checking of language, especially in academic L2 writing instruction, disciplinary native, she is a lover of traditional discussion questions beforehand contexts due to its explicit explanation discourse, academic literacy, and handicrafts, such as paper-cutting, to prepare their opinions, speaking of the complex relationships between intercultural rhetoric in EAP education. Suzhou embroidery and wood engraving up first before L1 speaking students texts and contexts.

By identifying pictures although she is not so crafty. Prior to working as a lecturer sights, such as its historic old town, In this workshop, a number of Academic Strategy and Business canal network, lakes, rural hills, cherry the current pandemic, requires students of training methods and techniques for Development and was the inaugural blossoms, tea plantations and nearby to take more charge of their study.

EAP modules but also for independent assurance and quality enhancement, hundreds of international businesses Goals can direct them to goal-related language learning as the ultimate goal. He has rich experience Language Centre as a Head of Division careers, downtime and families here. She is active in promoting Division and Senior Language Lecturer and goal-setting skills. Besides providing one-on-one learning experience.

Her academic Year 1 module with over 90 lecturers. His interests at a Sino-British joint-venture university. She teaches an EAP module teaching speaking in EAP contexts, goals about English learning within a presented papers at more than 10 for first-year undergraduate students. Her research Learner autonomy is both a desirable awareness of goals and understand Ling Wang is an associate English interests include independent language characteristic of language learners their goal-setting process, focus group language lecturer at XJTLU, specializing learning, learner autonomy and and an important consideration in the interviews were conducted.

The research in teaching Year 1 EAP. She has been intercultural competence development. As a curricular strategy intended to psychology of second language learning Research Biennial Conference and internationalise tertiary institutions and and use. He has published widely on the China Association for Intercultural Georgios Kormpas is currently the improve the quality of higher education, these and other areas, and serves on the Communication Annual Conference.

In this presentation, I and Curriculum, and Publications. Ever Ph. Teachers council of TESOL International share the findings of several studies Critical reading and Argumentation and practitioners had slight difficulties at Association based in the US with affiliate I have recently conducted on EMI in for MA Essay Assignments the beginning as they did not have prior associations in more than countries a number of Chinese universities to For writing argumentative essays training to deliver such courses.

One of around the world. Currently Georgios provide a Chinese perspective on the in a postgraduate course, second the major elements that was missing serves as a member of the Nominating many thorny issues and challenges of language L2 learners must have a was that of content. By way of conclusion, I will discuss comprehensive task representation of plethora of material for general English the Vice President of the International the implications of the aforementioned academic argumentation — i.

Teachers Association for Blended Learning. Nowadays, there is ample Plenary Speaker: Guangwei Hu how to use a critical literature review in amount of content but how do teachers English-Medium Instruction in Guangwei Hu is a Professor of order to engage with the work of other keep up with content, material from the Chinese Higher Education: What Language and Literacy Education at the researchers. The solution is to be connected The last few decades have seen escalating Polytechnic University, where he teaches representation regarding academic and use our flagship software connect.

His research scholarly literature, researchers have not can utilize hands on tools that can the globe. There is a Giving oral presentations has been a the gap in the literature by investigating Japan. His research interests include pressing issue to integrate and raise the widely used and potentially beneficial how two successful L2 postgraduate EAP, reading and writing strategies, awareness of cultural diversity in EAP and activity in most university classrooms.

My given by a single student resulted in arguments. Thematic analysis by Braun and language testing and assessment. I will oral presentations. Technology participated in the study. All reviews, and that they subsequently a large number of non-native speakers participants were required to give oral read selected review articles in order to question the way EAP is taught at Abdulwahab Tahhan is an assistant presentations on the topics related to build arguments and actively participate universities across the world.

Research methods in academic debate. Sociocultural is now shifting from relying on the target Hong Kong. Also, theyglobalised context.

The concept of native on English for Academic Purposes and participation of the whole class in the sustained engagement as academic speaker NS competence is used in all of Intercultural Communication. These cultures Europe to talk about their integration postgraduate course tutors to facilitate were mainly Great Britain and the United stories in their new host communities.

She has been an English Takeshi Kamijo is currently a there are more non-native speakers on oral presentations: A case teacher with Harbin Institute of Professor at the College of Business than native speakers who use English study of pair performance Technology for 22 years. Currently, she quantitative and qualitative data are computer-assisted language to how citations are used in contexts. Polarities refer to the negative, positive as English Scientific Literature Reading.

Her research interests Our study focuses on how citations are of Chinese science students technology in north China. Language Teaching ELT. The constructions provide holistic lens for academic language development based Study on Academic Writing extracted citations are annotated understanding the dynamic nature of from a sociocultural perspective. It further revealed how language learning to research-based communities ideas, knowledge and reporting verbs are used by international language learning.

Confronted with the Jingya Li is a lecturer of the propositions. Therefore, the appropriate ELT researchers to report previous opportunities and challenges during the Department of Foreign Languages at explanations of citations and how to academic outcomes from the same transition, this study intends to evaluate the University of Chinese Academy report the citations are necessary for EAP academic community.

Her research covers pedagogy, particularly when nurturing pedagogical implications are provided for engagement in a project-based research applied linguistics, second language student researchers.

This study focuses EAP researchers and instructors as how paper writing course. The conceptual acquisition and sociocultural theory. To fully understand citation perspective. All texts were collected from projects and come up with many demonstrate our systems of curriculum Linguistics.

Her research interests lie the Corpus of Contemporary American insight research outputs. By using the corpus interests include corpus linguistics, writing skills across disciplines.

These meta-discourse, and academic writing. She was one deputy director corpus was found to be 4. She has published many research-oriented academic tasks. The from University of York, UK. Her research 3. Her We will start by introducing our typical citation practices in academic writing, Journals 6. These findings suggest main research interests include second students and their needs. This study investigated the lexical occurs at the word reading Disciplines: Curriculum Design for focus groups.

Finally, potential lexical EMI institutions is coping with mixed- courses. We will end with a reflection to determine the potential for popular gains, as well as both practical and disciplines classes.

How to design on how the courses could be improved science articles to be a resource theoretical implications, are discussed. Coxhead , the most cited word list, in the College of Foreign Languages at irrespective of their disciplines is an was utilized as it represents academic Qufu Normal University in China.

English speaking skills, and speech many key journals both in China and it in academic writing. Following processing difficulties. Critical Thinking Through from published studies of five genres, Instruction EMI in the higher education Further inferential statistical analysis Text: Theory and Pedagogy in which I specifically examined the sector worldwide. In China, the size demonstrated that senior students Critical thinking is considered to be an textual expression of critical thinking and numbers of EMI institutions and showed a declining tendency in the academic attribute to be developed and identified the types of genre programmes are expanding every year use of social affective strategies, and cumulatively through all levels of knowledge integral to its expression Li, The sudden change from a the frequency of speaking strategy use Western education, and it is listed as a Bruce, in-press.

First, the exploratory working in the Language Centre of be taught still remain elusive and a training and teacher development.


.UK – Hull University Teaching Hospitals Contracts

Witamy na stronie serwisu Egzamin Maturalny! Tutaj znajdziesz: bieżące informacje na temat wymagań na egzaminie,; strategie pomocne w przygotowaniu uczniów. Posted AM. Collecting and delivering a variety of items to various locations in South position is See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn.


– Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan

Agreement on Government Procurement. GSA. General Services Administration (of USA). ICT. Information and Communications Technology. The greater opportunity to work from home in desk bound jobs as. Annie Sullivan does an amazing job conveying just how harsh living in the desert This story captivated me from the first page! “Tiger Queen” by Annie.

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