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Contact Pennsylvania CareerLink to apply. Per Scholas A needs-based program that offers technical training to thousands of new students by partnering with bootcamps like General Assembly — available in Philadelphia. If you were laid-off within the past 6 months or you are a military spouse who was displaced you may also be eligible. If you may be eligible with self-attestation that you are experiencing homelessness, enrolled in government support like SNAP or TANF, or in foster care.

The Data Science program teaches the fundamentals, SQL, Python, regression, classification, clustering, language processing, and machine learning. Both of these programs have a capstone project and a career simulation week. Per Scholas A needs-based program that offers technical training to thousands of new students by partnering with bootcamps like General Assembly — available in Dallas. Partners: Rackspace Open Cloud Academy, Code Up Eligibility: Applicants receive a two-phase assessment to determine their training readiness: one for academic skill level and the other to establish career suitability.

Benefits: Support services such as childcare, transportation allowances, and utility assistance are vital elements of Project Quest. Vermont Returnship Grant. Bootcamp Partners: Burlington Code Academy Eligibility: This program is accessible to any Vermonter with significant workplace experience; it does not have the eligibility restrictions commonly seen in other workforce development projects, such as age, income, or employment status.

The program is exclusive to Vermont residents and available statewide. There is no cost to participate. The Tech Talent Investment Program – Virginia tech talent program includes multiple partnerships with academia to retrain a workforce for the tech industry.

Per Scholas A needs-based program that offers technical training to thousands of new students by partnering with bootcamps like General Assembly — available in Washington DC. WorkSource Washington Partners: Coding Dojo Eligibility: 18 years or older, legally entitled to work in the US, and have met selective service registration requirements. Coding Dojo and your WorkSource counselor will help you with the paperwork needed for this program. You may have to take an aptitude assessment with WorkSource.

What it is: The Worker Retraining Program serves those facing unemployment or imminent layoffs. It provides funding for eligible unemployed workers to pursue training and ultimately regain employment. How to Apply: Start your course application with Code Fellows. Do you know about a Workforce Development opportunity that we missed in this list? I felt like I was miles behind my classmates.

But there is something beautiful about being able to create whatever you can think of. She did all of the things my college mentors did without ever being an undergrad herself.

She passed away during my last year of college, but Mom is still at the heart of my aspirations. My family and friends used to think that having a career in computer science meant I could hack into systems or fix their computers.

My dream is to create a film studio that focuses on social injustices regarding race, poverty, immigration, discrimination and education in the United States. Tools like virtual reality are changing the way we collaborate and create, and kits like Raspberry Pi and Arduinos are making it totally accessible and way easier to design with code.

Some digital artists are combining silicon with stitches, like Maddy Maxey from The Crated. See profile opposite. The built-in chip transmits signals to the phone, so people can adjust stuff like the volume on their music or voice directions from Google Maps.

You blow into the mic to play. Ge believes that if artists let their projects have a life of their own, they will grow in tons of different directions. Your options are huge It ily bod or nit mo is designed to we call Armor, which uino logic, Ard use ed tex tile circuits that can includes custom-print or Arm t tha so touch sensors, as well as biometric and s. When you can for the acr ylic outer she the laser- cut ting files creative! I really believ require an understandin fashion.

I was curious abo uriosity drives my car I got curious m. Sometimes cils and pens. What if we atu per tem our t regulated if we had clothing tha had garments we our clothing? These days, music is put together like a puzzle using music workstations, apps and tech. Computer science is totally replacing some of the more human-centered aspects of creating a song. I started out as an assistant engineer while interning for a record label.

I wanted to learn absolutely everything about the music industry. I studied software, music programs and computers as technology was gradually replacing tape machines. In audio school, I learned a lot about how music, math and computer science are interrelated.

There are so many types of equipment and software that are like a bunch of crayons in a box — with different colors and sounds. Mostly, being hooked up to technology comes down to where people live, education levels and their socioeconomic status. Founded by software engineer Sam King at Stanford University in , Code the Change is a community of computer scientists and students from colleges around the world.

They develop new digital tools to help different communities improve everything from medical aid to their local agricultural productivity. The organization provides the tools for free and the coding is done by volunteers — often students who can benefit by honing their skills in computer science. In the past, researchers. The process was time-consuming. Throw in poor infrastructure and not enough trained pros on the job, and it was hard work. Farmers can now better detect the disease before crops die, which helps give production a boost.

Check out just a few work and study options… careers Google, Ashoka, Cisco. I too cod to d rne lea o wh e air lion p mil cam ng t speaking to a you to a three-month boo et-up groups and went me ed join s, rse Wi estic violence firsthand dom ing see m fro e cam VO rights, the PE ir ind the beh The idea ation to victims on. My app provides inform also life app her e t Th los rs.

The girls created an Android app called Tag It! Want technology that can charge your phone and provide fresh water? Watly can do just that.

The foot-long thermal solar-powered hub purifies water, generates electricity and provides Internet services. Watly 2. The purification process can treat over gallons of water each day, and provide villagers with a wireless Internet connection up to feet away.

From anonymous trolling to targeted abuse, the Net is a playground for bullies. Trish created ReThink, an app that recognizes common bullying words. Getting aid to people after earthquakes and other natural disasters requires good maps, but many rural areas remain uncharted.

Whenever a major disaster strikes, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team rallies a network of volunteers to create online open-source maps that help responders reach those in need and provide useful local information for emergency services.

Child abuse affects over 3 million children in the United States every year, yet individual cases can be difficult to identify as victims are rarely in a position to report offenses. Data is key to addressing the issue, so students at the University of Texas, Dallas, created a ZipRisk Map using US Census and other data to rank Texas zip codes based on frequency of social issues such as teen birth, substance abuse and child poverty.

By identifying high-risk regions, state and local organizations can help peeps in the right place at the right time. Children are wired to learn. This natural capacity drives the Curious Learning System, which loads tablets with literacy apps designed to get children to teach themselves to read.

The fun activities draw on the latest developments in neuroscience and learning theory. The Curious Learning System was pioneered by the Global Literacy Project, a nonprofit founded to ensure that every child receives an education, regardless of resources or location.

Medic Mobile is a support platform for health workers operating in hard-to-reach communities. The platform now arms more than 13, community health workers with an app that can register pregnancies, track disease outbreaks, communicate emergencies and keep an inventory of critical medicines.

Global gamers are helping to fight major health threats. Foldit showed the power of video games to solve real-life problems after gamers took just 10 days to get to the bottom of a virus behind an AIDS-like disease in monkeys.

Now, over a million gamers in countries are helping the human race by playing Phylo, Eterna, Project Discovery and others, and making a difference with every challenge they get through.

Big-time cruelty and awful events threaten global security and leave long-lasting scars on those affected. The Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention supports problem-solvers who develop innovative concepts and prototypes to help.

There are tons of work and study options to choose from… careers Now tech entrepreneurs of all backgrounds are creating awesome startups to fill the gaps. Richie cofounded Finix Payments, which helps businesses write apps where money changes hands. Overseas customers shop online and pay through Shypmate, which then takes delivery in the United States.

A week or so later, the shopper meets a traveler who is paid to carry the goods to their nearest airport. Early-stage investment group Y Combinator selected Shypmate for start-up funding in the winter of You can change the world with computer science. My dream. I studied science at college and worked as an industrial chemist for nine years. Then my brother-in-law came to me with an idea about coding music live on stage, so I learned how to code while playing music. We teach unemployed people how to code.

For six months we drove eight hours each way, teaching coding to coal miners on weekends, then back to our day jobs in Chicago. Now Mined Minds is our full-time job. Things like screen conferences and audio con b to all and, over the y means opening the We ilit sib ces Ac er. At work, tho ly. Strip suc so n bee has sey Ca t tha se pri sur eth m solving — som ing disabilities.

For a disabled person, VR offers an escape — and a chance to practice tough, real-world tasks in a safe virtual world. Check out some work and study options… careers Entry Point! In , Google released video footage of Steve Mahan, who is legally blind, at the wheel of an autonomous car.

The cars, which use sensors that can detect objects up to two football fields away, are being tested in four cities across the US. Bionic limbs are more versatile and user-friendly than ever before, and they look awesome!

Check out the Alternative Limb Project. Voice interfaces suit people lacking the fine typing skills needed for tiny smartphone keyboards. Smart homes are the future. Imagine turning on and off lights, radiators and any other connected appliance with just a voice command or phone swipe. Disabled people will benefit greatly. Check out Alcove or Nest, two companies that provide smart home systems. He the dy. Bringing your A game Computer science is supercharging training regimes for top sports teams and athletes.

But computer science is quickly changing the way we qualify, train and compete in every major sport. Under Armour is a leader in such wearable technology as the smart shoe — a shoe that includes a chip to capture your running distance, time and even your route.

Data like this helped the team win 73 out of 82 games this year, breaking the NBA record. Yisong Yue, an assistant professor in the Computing and Mathematical Sciences Department at Caltech, developed an algorithm to predict where a ball will go during a fast-moving game, which allows cameras to pan more smoothly and keep the ball in shot.

Yisong has also worked on software that searches through footage to bring up relevant plays in less than a second — an invaluable tool for coaches. There are many sports companies looking for talented computer scientists. Captain the team and code? There are tons of ways to do it… careers I like building fiel get ting out into the day in a lab, but I love in the code.

I like to first and then building things with my hands ent. I was ir lactic acid levels in instant readings on the d that lactic acid technology, and realize working on wearable. Jenq-Neng spent six years developing signal and image processing technology for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

See it, believe it Global policy responses to the effect of climate change on our oceans have been poor. Jeremy is developing software compatible with VR technologies such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, to take people on a virtual field trip under the sea. Here are some amazing work and study options… careers NASA scientists are also creating environmental solutions.

Equipped with solar panels, the building generates more electricity than it consumes. There are even plans to cover the umbrellas on the patios with solar films and include phone-charging stations. It helps com ds of dre hun ate cre All state to Associated Press and write to on ers a p for e tak uld stories in the time it wo just one article. I wrote a progra r handles itte Tw the and zations two public health organi ng eri the s, to see who was cov of major media outlet media can eri that most Am Ebola outbreak.

Eve science is to just about h puter science — throug com of s ect explore asp never You. Learning computer sci ence changed my life. For one thing, I never thought I was good at math. Ba ck then, I loved to draw; I wante d to be an artist. Build something that requires you to learn and use the technology and tools of software development. If you want to build a website or app on your own, follow our step-by-step tutorial to get started. Check out Part 2 for making the switch to a career in code!

Lauren is a writer who lives in Washington and Montana. She reads and writes about small tech companies and has seven years experience developing creative content. Toggle navigation Code Fellows.

Image Credit. Start your transition to a career in software development with these resourceful steps: 1 Do your research What jobs are available for people who are interested in building or tearing apart code?

Reach out to coders in your network Ask the programmers in your network if they like their jobs.



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