Canada maple syrup reserve theft patrol.Canada’s Maple Syrup Heist Perpetrator to Pay Millions in Damages

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Canada maple syrup reserve theft patrol
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Then, they moved the maple syrup they had collected out of Quebec, where it was easier to sell away from the watchful eye of the FPAQ.

The supervisor bribed him to stay quiet. In spite of this, the operation ran pretty smoothly for about a year. In July , however, it began to fall apart, almost literally. An FPAQ inspector was at the warehouse conducting an annual inventory check, which involved climbing over some of the barrel stacks. Upon further examination, he discovered the barrel to be completely empty. T his would be the thread that, after a bit of pulling, would unravel the entire operation.

It turns out the thieves had gotten careless, and started emptying barrels without refilling them with water. Soon a massive investigation was launched, and dozens of people ended up being arrested. The trees need cold nights and mildly warm days to yield sap, meaning production can vary greatly year to year based on the weather.

That’s a potential problem for the big syrup buyers, whether they’re bottlers or large food companies that make cookies or cereal. Quaker can’t pour a bunch of time and money into developing a maple-and-brown-sugar-flavored version of Life, only to find out it won’t be able to get enough of its ingredients, or that they’ll have to pay through the nose for each liter of syrup.

The reserve makes sure there’s always enough syrup for the market. As Farrell explained, each producer sells its harvest in bulk to the federation — a government-sanctioned cooperative — which turns around and deals it to bulk buyers.

When production is high, the federation siphons a portion off to store in steel drums for future use. Not long ago, Farrell said, the maple industry found out just what kind of calamity could ensue when if stockpile ran out.

In the early aughts, the government began opening new forest areas to maple production. To keep the additional supply from cratering prices, Quebec’s federation introduced a quota system. The barrels of maple syrup had been stolen from a facility in St. Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec, about kilometres from Montreal, in late August. The thieves did not take away the 16, barrels; rather, they appeared to have been siphoned off. The company that owns the New Brunswick facility where the syrup was found, S.

Exports, told the Globe and Mail it had bought the maple syrup from a regular supplier in Quebec. A lawyer for that Quebec supplier said the company believed it had purchased the maple syrup legally. Exports has in the past clashed with the owners of the maple syrup reserve, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, the Globe notes.



3 arrests in massive Canada maple syrup theft that put a dent in global supply – The Mercury News.


In total, the посетить страницу pilfered жмите сюда than 3, tons of gooey sugary goodness from the national stockpile. Instead, they sold it forward, making a comfortable profit. The sentence from источник Supreme Court has been a long time coming. After all, the heist took place more than a decade ago, but to get the full picture, we have to travel all the way back to On that year, a group of Quebecoise maple продолжить producers banded together to collectively market their malpe.

At the time, though, they clearly underestimated the levels of security such a reserve needed. They had few security measures, outside your basic locks. Who would go and steal maple syrup out of a national reserve. Maple syrup is expensive — ridiculously so.

So, the crooks got to work. They would then siphon the syrup out of the mpale metal barrels its stored in. To cover their tracks, they pulled the old switcheroo and pumped water читать the barrels.

For a year, the plan worked like a charm. Nobody noticed the theft, because the barrels still had some kind of a liquid sloshing around inside them. Their customers included both unaware legitimate businesses canada maple syrup reserve theft patrol black-market operators. When the inspector grabbed what he thought /63360.txt a pound barrel, he nearly fell when it tumbled down to cqnada ground — empty. In addition, they canada maple syrup reserve theft patrol large numbers of vehicles and equipment, including forklifts, tanker trucks, canada maple syrup reserve theft patrol syrup processing kettles.

However, there was once issue. Upon appeal, the fines got slashed to reflect that amount. Skip to content.


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