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The Burnaby Village Museum showcases some of the best examples of historic buildings in the Greater Vancouver area.

But it was created as a historical attraction, never a real village unto itself. When was it established? Valid No cash value. Toppings and combo up extra charges apply.

Limit 1 coupon per guest per visit. Original ad only – no photocopies. What is the other common name of the Kermode bear, a subspecies of American black bear with one-tenth of its population having white coats like polar bears, which is the official provincial mammal of B.

From all of us at Pharmasave Crest See us for all your health care and prescription needs. Which famous Canadian singer is the youngest of 14 children, has the best selling French-language album of all time, and has many international number-one hits including a signature single, which was recently performed at the Billboard Music Awards to honour its 20th anniversary?

Portuguese Buns A light bun with a thin crust. This malted Portuguese bun with a light fresh taste is sure to delight. Chocolate Cake Squares A light moist chocolate sponge cake with your favorite chocolate buttercream.

Enjoy this pastry with coffee. On Sale June 26 – June 30, What retired Canadian snowboarder, specializing in snowboard cross, was born in North Vancouver, won a gold at the Winter Olympics, is the World Champion, and is a two-time Winter X Games Champion?

What track and field athlete, who moved to North Vancouver at the age of 12, set seven world records including for the yard dash, which he held simultaneously with the metre world record? New Materials Directly from Italian Manufacturers! This North Vancouver-born former NHL player, who won back-to-back Lady Byng Trophies for exhibiting a high standard of sportsmanship conduct, spent most of his professional career with the Mighty Ducks where he was team captain for seven years.

Although its existence has not been definitively proven, this famous creature of folklore, said to inhabit forests especially in the Pacific Northwest, is described as a hairy, bipedal humanoid. This father of a currently serving politician was the third longest-serving Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Canadian Newsstream is a free online database available to Burnaby Public Library cardholders both in-library and from home. You can even access back issues of the Burnaby Now to Canada Day celebrates the anniversary of the enactment of this act, which was later renamed the Constitution Act.

We will continue to provide you with top quality legal ser vices with a continued commitment to excellent client relations. This granite monolith that reaches an elevation of metres 2, feet is often referred to as The Chief. What is its official name? Originally known as the Twin Sisters the English translation of a Squamish language word , these peaks were renamed what in the late s?

This mountainside bird, found locally, feeds largely on the needles of spruces and other conifers. Join the one and only Vancouver Circus School for the ultimate camp experience! These unique week long day camps are offered to ages and are open to all fitness levels and abilities. Weeklong Camps. Located in the River Market But just how much green space does Burnaby have? This former chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation was also a poet and an actor, who was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actor category.

More than just a restaurant Our clubhouse is the perfect location for weddings and events! Reservations required – Call or visit golfburnaby. Unlike harbour seals, these sea mammals can support themselves on their front two flippers and pull their hind flippers under their bodies to walk. Canada vies for first place with what country as the coldest nation in the world? Customized menus are available to suit your needs.

With features like our shuttle service, chef-prepared meals, leisure programs, yoga, and fitness classes, retirement living has never been so attractive. Burnaby is home to a well-known athlete development centre, Fortius Sport and Health. A former Vancouver Canuck is one of the athletic advisors at the centre.

Who is it? Tourism to this island community peaked between and , with , passengers recorded on the ship Lady Alexandra in and , visitors in We source our meats locally, butcher in house and ensure best quality. We carry beef, pork, lamb and chicken and can bring in other meats upon request. There are more distinct populations of this species of salmon than any other Pacific species of this fish in B.

The area of vegetation near streams is known as what? Shops at New West is a unique and dynamic addition to New Westminster. This science broadcaster and environmental activist, who was born in Vancouver, is well known as the host of a long-running CBC TV show. In May , Vancouver Airport welcomed the inaugural British Airways flight of this double-decker, wide-body plane dubbed the largest passenger airliner in the world.

Want to represent your city and travel? Want to become part of a Team? Looking for mentorship and leadership growth? Have the opportunity to earn grants toward post-secondary education?

Want the opportunity to contribute to your community? Since the first team of Canadian astronauts was formed in , how many Canadians have been recruited as astronauts by the Canadian Space Agency? The fulltime staff totals about 1, and the student body about 20, Tuition fees are low compared to those of the U. Further information can be obtained by writing the university at University Drive; NW. The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology provides 2-year certificates and diplomas in technology, graphic arts, business, trades, correspondence instruction, and adult education.

Another 4-year school is the Alberta College of Art and Design. Mount Royal College is a public junior college. It offers several different types of programs ranging from a degree transfer program to specific types of vocational training. Fees are low and depend upon the type and number of courses taken.

For further information contact them at Richard Rd. The Calgary Board of Education, www. Academic subjects for adults as well as general interest courses are also offered at the University of Calgary and SAIT. In addition, Athabasca University offers numerous correspondence courses which are transferable to other institutions of higher learning. Athabasca University can be contacted by writing: — 7th Ave.

Calgary has programs to aid the mentally and physically challenged, and for children with learning disabilities. Special educational services provide alternative educational programs for children unable to cope with or benefit adequately from the regular school programs. Emphasis is placed at the elementary level, but programs for some students are available through Grade Schooling for the handicapped is also available at the Children’s Hospital.

Details of the many programs available for children who require special training should be requested directly from the post. Ice hockey is the most popular professional sport in Calgary. There is a minor league baseball stadium in town, but the Pacific Coast League Calgary Cannons will leave Calgary at the close of the season. In , consular staff did not know of any other minor league team that would play in Calgary in A spectacular annual event is the Stampede, held in early July. Rodeo and Western enthusiasts are drawn from all over Canada and the U.

Besides the rodeo and chuckwagon races, there are street dances, street fairs, free breakfasts, and marching bands. Consulate General personnel are encouraged to dress in Western style during this period.

Several good international horseshows are staged during the year, and parimutuel horse and harness racing is held year round. Several riding academies and nearby dude ranches offer riding and lessons. Good public and private golf courses are numerous in and around Calgary; fees are higher than average. The city has several tennis clubs; badminton, bowling, and curling are available. There are about 20 square dance clubs in Calgary, and there are locales for line dancing too. Within the city, many parks and playgrounds have community swimming pools, and there are several large, state-of-the-art recreation centers, each offering a wide range of indoor sports facilities.

Site of the Winter Olympics, Calgary and its vicinity offer abundant opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts. Several excellent downhill ski areas are within an easy drive, and a slope right in town also offers ski jumping, bobsledding, and luge. Ice skating and hockey are popular activities for young and old at over 50 outdoor and indoor rinks, as well as area ponds, during the winter and year-round at the Olympic Oval.

Hundreds of miles of cross-country skiing trails in provincial and national parks are easily accessible, as are areas and facilities for curling, tobogganing, dog-sledding, horse-drawn sleigh riding, and snowmobiling. Other Activities. Calgary has an excellent museum and a zoo, as well as a Western heritage park with a working steam train, an amusement park, and a good science center.

More than half a million Americans take advantage of the frequent air service to Calgary International Airport or the excellent highway system to pass through Calgary every year to the Stampede or nearby attractions.

The nearest year-round border point is Sweetgrass, Montana, miles to the southeast. Only days away are Alaska via the Alaska Highway, and the Yukon. The Drumheller Badlands with an excellent dinosaur museum, the Royal Tyrell Museum, are situated right in the excavations. Major airlines service Edmonton International Airport. Big game ranging from grizzlies, to antelope, caribou, deer, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, and moose are seen with frequency and often in the same day in the environs of Calgary.

Alberta is a major flyway for migratory birds and a delight for birders seeking geese, pheasant, grouse, partridge, and ptarmigan. Camping, bicycling, and hiking are popular in Alberta, and campsites are available in the three national parks and 37 provincial parks here.

Annual permits are required for a reasonable fee. Photo equipment and developing services are slightly more expensive than in the U. Calgary has a chamber music society, various choral groups, an amateur theatre, an opera association, dinner theatres, jazz locales and a large number of cinemas.

Calgary is a regular stop for visiting orchestras, ballets, and musicals. A number of annual festivals on ethnic themes bring people out to the parks for entertainment and food. Calgary has an extensive public library system, and books may be researched and reserved online by members. Bookstores and newsstands provide a wide array of periodical literature. Social contacts among members of the American community are informal.

Social gatherings generally include both Canadians and Americans. Many opportunities exist for contributing voluntary time, skill, and effort to Canadian charitable and other activities. There is an inactive American Women’s Club, composed of longtime residents of Calgary. The Calgary Chamber of Commerce offers honorary membership to the consul general and commercial officer.

Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and other civic organizations are open to officers for membership. Except for consular corps activities, most official functions concern only the principal officer and spouse.

The Calgary consular corps www. The consul general is invited to events of the provincial governments in the consular district. Social usage is informal. Cards can be obtained in Calgary at costs somewhat higher than in the U. The Province of Alberta can provide a protocol listing. Useful Web sites: www. Because the post is small and the only other U. An introductory nonprofessional videotape and handbooks on the office and the official residence are available for personnel transferring to Calgary.

For years, until July , the U. Government maintained an official presence in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Consulate General Calgary has covered U. It focuses on transportation, agriculture, environmental and watershed issues. It also advocates on behalf of existing and new U. To better explain and promote U. It is estimated that 15, Americans reside in Manitoba. Founded in by Edward Cornwallis, Halifax is the capital of the Province of Nova Scotia and the largest, most important city in the Atlantic Region.

Located on the south coast of the Nova Scotia Peninsula, Halifax is itself a tiny peninsula with one of the finest natural, ice-free harbors in the world. Beginning life as a fort, its situation was so ideal for trade that during the early 19th century Halifax was the wealthiest part of Canada. Today, Halifax is an interesting mix of old and new.

The residence of the Lieutenant Governor is also a beautiful building with lovely period furniture. The Old Town Clock on Citadel Hill, ordered by the Duke of Kent, father of Queen Victoria, during his tenure as Commander of the Halifax Garrison, has been the symbol of Halifax for many years, but is now challenged by the towers of encroaching high-rise office and apartment buildings.

Although Halifax spent the first half of the 20th century tearing down its old buildings, it spent the latter half restoring those that remained. A fine example of this change of heart is the Historic Properties waterfront development.

These three square blocks are made up of timberframe and stone warehouses dating to the late s and early s, and now house specialty boutiques, pubs, and restaurants.

A boardwalk connects Historic Properties to a museum dedicated to immigrants to Canada at Pier 21; the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, housing memorabilia from the Titanic and photos and exhibits from the Halifax Explosion of among its 20, artifacts; restaurants and small shops; and the ferry terminal for the Halifax- Dartmouth passenger ferry, the oldest saltwater ferry system in North America.

The HRM has a population of some , The workforce is concentrated in public administration, commerce, and personal services. Despite recent cutbacks, government and military remain the largest employers. Important industries are food processing, printing and publishing, spin-offs from offshore energy exploration and development, petroleum refining, ship repair, and tourism. In addition, electronic equipment, plastic goods, clothing, cordage, and furniture are manufactured in the area.

From the s to the s, economic growth came primarily from investment in business parks located in the suburbs. Since then, plans for growth have been focused more and more on the port of Halifax and on making it capable of handling ever-larger ocean-going container ships. To this end, port administration was put under the control of the Halifax Port Corporation in , which is responsible for all Halifax port facilities and is constantly enlarging and upgrading them.

In addition to shipping, electronics technology and ocean-based research are also gaining importance in the economy of the region. The post was originally established in as the first consular office in British North America.

Each of these has its own provincial capital, located respectively at Fredericton, Charlottetown, and St. The four provinces are collectively known as the Atlantic Provinces. The French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon are also part of the Halifax consular district. The office telephone number is: — The present staff consists of two American officers and eight permanent Canadian employees. The Department of Commerce employs two of these fulltime Canadian employees.

There are no other American Government agencies represented in Halifax, although there are usually several U. Navy personnel stationed here on exchange programs with the Maritime Forces. The Consulate General performs a range of services: American citizens services, nonimmigrant visas, economic and political reporting, commercial activities, etc.

Hotel rooms are at a premium in Halifax. Hotel rates are continuing to climb, and may jump dramatically for limited periods of time during special events, such as the Tall Ships visit in July An apartment hotel, the Cambridge Suites, Brunswick Street, contains one-bedroom and minisuites and is located about a minute walk from the Consulate General.

First-class accommodations are available at several of downtown hotels including the Delta Halifax, Delta Barrington, Sheraton Hotel, and Prince George Hotel to name those most frequently used by official travelers to post. Halifax is a nautical and convention center. Newly assigned officers should alert the Consulate General to their personal requirements as soon as practical to ensure post has an opportunity to obtain suitable accommodations while they look for permanent housing.

The house features hardwood floors, a polished wood staircase, and a large outdoor deck suitable for representational entertaining. Most of the furniture, carpets, and draperies were replaced in The first floor consists of living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, den, and powder room. On the second floor are four bedrooms, dressing room and two full baths. Two bedrooms, den and bath make up the third floor. The basement houses the laundry room, furnace room, wine room and space for storage.

There is a two-car garage, one side of which will accommodate a compact or subcompact car. The principal officer has primary use of the official vehicle.

Apartment buildings usually contain coin-operated laundry facilities provided by the landlord and the majority do not permit the installation of personal washers and dryers. Privately leased homes may or may not include a refrigerator and stove supplied and maintained by the landlord; they usually include an area to hook up a washer and dryer which are supplied and maintained by the tenant.

Other Americans at post must rent or buy on the local market. Houses are extremely expensive and usually available only in the suburbs. Suitable apartments are also scarce in the inner city and command high rents. Waiting lists are common. Some new and on-going construction of apartments and townhouses in the suburbs has eased the situation. One-year leases are usual, and it is difficult to have a diplomatic clause included. It is suitably provided with china, flatware, linens, and cooking utensils.

The principal officer need only bring dishes for everyday use and art and other items usually included in the authorized limited shipment. Since there is no additional furniture available at the post, other personnel assigned to Halifax should send a full shipment. Furniture can be purchased locally but at higher prices than in the U. Modern apartments usually have wall-to-wall carpeting and include appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, and possibly a dishwasher.

Draperies are not commonly provided. Utilities and equipment are similar to those in the U. Electric power is v, cycle, single-phase AC, and — AC is available for stoves and similar equipment. Electricity and fuel oil rates are among the highest in Canada. Most homes are oil heated; electricity is generally used for cooking, although propane gas is also available.

Natural gas is not yet available. Electric appliances of all types can be purchased locally, and prices are on a par with those in the U.

Halifax has no discount stores. A good selection of food items is available locally, and tend to be roughly on a par with those in the U. Clothing is comparable to that worn in the northern U. The Halifax winter, however, is not as cold as in most of Canada.

Sharp temperature changes are the rule, and snow is often preceded or followed by rain. Both warm clothing and rainwear are essential. Summer is brief, but has some hot days, so lightweight garments are needed. Post recommends travelers bring a jacket or coat which will break the wind and is water repellant or water retardant; beneath this outerwear one can wear layers of clothing to keep them comfortable during the sudden temperature and weather changes.

The principal officer and spouse may need formal wear, which may be rented locally. Business attire is the standard of dress for most official functions. Toiletries, cosmetics, home medicines, and household supplies are readily available at prices higher than in the U. Not all U. Liquor is sold in bond to officers at post. All liquor must be bought in caselots through the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission to qualify for the bonded privilege.

Hairdressing salons and facilities for tailoring, dressmaking, drycleaning, auto and appliance repair, etc. Domestic help normally is hired by the day for general cleaning.

The principal officer employs a full-time housekeeper, but in general such permanent help is scarce. It is usual to hire servers and bartenders by the hour for parties. Catering services are also available. Local maintenance services are available for snow removal and lawn mowing, but these are expensive. All major denominations found in the U. There are over churches in Halifax. The language of instruction for most of Nova Scotia is English.

School attendance is compulsory for all children aged 6 to Tuition and textbooks are free in public schools. Depending on the area, there may or may not be school bus transportation. Halifax public schools are divided into elementary, junior high, and senior high. French instruction is available at all levels and some schools in the area offer French immersion.

Halifax has three private schools. The Sacred Heart School of Halifax is operated by a Board of Trustees offering classes for girls in grades 1 to 12 and boys in grades 1 to 5.

Grades 1 and 2 are bilingual. The Armbrae Academy and the Halifax Grammar School are coeducational and offer classes for grades 1 to The Halifax schoolyear runs from the beginning of September to the end of June. Students have about 2 weeks off at Christmas and a 1-week break in March. Extracurricular activities offered by the local school system are similar to those found in the U.

Parents’ groups are active within the schools. Many courses in adult education are offered in the metropolitan area, both day and night. Halifax has facilities for the education of the mentally handicapped grades 1 to 9 , the physically handicapped grades 1 to 12 , and the mentally disturbed and those with behavioral difficulties grades 1 to 9.

Transportation is provided if necessary and, in very special cases, teaching in the home. A school for the blind grades 1 to 11 is also located in Halifax. An effort is made to keep visually handicapped children within the regular school system, particularly at the high school level.

Members may swim, row and play tennis, and children receive instruction in various sports. The Saraguay, a more prestigious club, has a swimming pool open in summer to its members. Both clubs normally have waiting lists. Many have supervised swimming during the peak hours of the day. Dalhousie University facilities, known locally as Dalplex, provides economical access to an Olympic-size pool; indoor track; weight and cybex rooms; cardiovascular equipment room; racketball, squash, badminton, volleyball and basketball courts; a driving range; and a putting room.

The rates at Dalplex and other facilities in the city vary based on family, individual, annual, monthly or occasional usage of the facilities.

The Dalplex, Dartmouth Sportsplex, and Cole Harbour Place also offer skating, swimming, gym facilities and exercise classes. Skating and curling clubs are popular. Outdoor skating on the various lakes is limited because of the changeable climate. When weather permits, Wentworth, about 90 miles north of Halifax, and Mount Martoc near Windsor, provide opportunities for skiing. It is not necessary to own a boat to join either of these.

Tennis may be played at any of several outdoor public courts located throughout Halifax and Dartmouth or at one of the private social clubs. Halifax is well situated for excursions within the Atlantic Provinces. Its coastal scenery is beautiful, and the Atlantic Provinces contain many places of interest, with sailing, swimming, hiking, hunting and fishing as the chief attractions. Although bus transportation may be used, the usual and best way to travel is by car.

This Trail with its breathtaking scenery, begins at Baddeck, where Alexander Graham Bell lies buried. He has been commemorated there by a museum which contains memorabilia and many scientific exhibits, including a hydrofoil designed, built and used by Mr. The oldest permanent settlement in North America was at Port Royal, and the French Habitation built there in has been reconstructed.

This Trail leads through the beautiful Annapolis Valley, famous for its apple blossoms in spring. From Halifax and following along the south coast, is the Lighthouse Route.

Not far away is the former summer home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Campobello Island, now maintained jointly by the U. In winter, New Brunswick features some of the best snowmobiling to be had in the Atlantic Provinces. Prince Edward Island beaches are favorite vacation spots. The Charlottetown Festival offers varied entertainment during the summer season, including the perennial musical based on the Lucy Maude Montgomery novel, Anne of Green Gables. The original Green Gables can be seen at Cavendish.

Charlottetown is, approximately, 35 miles southeast of Woods Island and 35 miles west of Borden. Newfoundland offers many opportunities for camping and hunting, and has been a mecca for fishermen for many years. In summer a ferry also operates from North Sydney to Argentia, 84 miles from the capital city of St. In addition there are many charters traveling to tourist destinations in the U.

Halifax has a professional repertory theatre, the Neptune. Its performances, dramatic and musical, are high quality. Subscription tickets are offered. Symphony Nova Scotia is a professional orchestra. The orchestra performs chamber music as well as symphonic programs. The Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, located at Dalhousie University, is the locale for various kinds of entertainment, including concerts by such well-known Canadians as Andre Gagnon and Liona Boyd.

The Halifax Metro Centre attracts many large and well-known acts, as well as playing host to hockey games and the Nova Scotia International Tattoo. Halifax has an IMAX theatre which shows current 3-D movies, and others, created to be shown on the huge screen. French broadcasts are carried on radio and television. Art exhibits are held at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, various universities and private galleries.

Halifax has many clubs for persons with special interests, such as art, photography, chess, and bridge. The principal officer is expected to maintain cordial relations with the Lieutenant Governors, the Premiers of the Atlantic Provinces, and other Government and military officials. As the representative of the U. Government, the principal officer is invited to many official functions such as the opening of the Nova Scotia Legislature. Halifax has frequent visits by U. Navy, Coast Guard, and merchant vessels.

Consular corps activities are minimal since the U. Various honorary consuls are located in Halifax representing the interests of other countries. Consular officers at the post are expected to participate in representational activities. Many of these activities are black-tie affairs, to which the principal officer and spouse are invited. Consular officers and their spouses will have frequent opportunities to participate in social activities such as receptions, dinners, buffet suppers, and cocktail parties.

Located miles east of Ottawa in the southern part of the Province of Quebec, Montreal is only 45 miles from the New York state border, miles from Boston, miles from New York City, and miles from Washington, D. The city is on an island 30 miles long and ranging from 7 to 10 miles wide. The island marks the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. Mount Royal, from which the city takes its name, dominates the skyline. By law, no building in the city may rise higher than the mountain, which rises some feet above the rest of the city.

A large part of the mountain consists of a beautifully landscaped cemetery where more than species of birds can be seen among century-old trees; adjacent is Mount Royal Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the same landscape architect who designed Central Park in New York City.

The park offers trails for walking and cycling, as well as areas for picnics in summer and skating and cross-country skiing in winter. The Port of Montreal is both a busy working harbor and an international tourist attraction. As the entry point of the St. Lawrence Seaway, a canal system bypassing the nearby Lachine Rapids, the port is deep enough to provide ocean vessels access to the Great Lakes.

It is served by over 30 regular shipping lines and receives oceangoing cruiseliners and visiting warships. Operable year-round, the port supports about 18, jobs and is both profitable and expanding. Its containership handling operations are the largest on this side of the North Atlantic, with nearly one million containers processed annually.

The port facilities are adjacent to world-renowned architecture ranging from colonial-era stone buildings to ultramodern housing and festival structures, including an amusement park and several large islands, one of them manmade. The cobblestone streets of the Old Port are lined with museums, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and small hotels. Dinner cruises, jetboats, amphibious buses, and private yachts ply the waters as well, providing ample opportunities to see the heart of the city from one of its most attractive vantage points.

Inaugurated in the s with plans for additional expansion, this indoor connection of pedestrian tunnels links nine downtown subway stations with 60 commercial complexes, providing access to nearly 2, stores, several hotels, and scores of apartment and office buildings.

This attractive subterranean city is a unique neighborhood of its own, where half a million people daily shop, eat, and browse amidst a setting of sculptures, murals, fountains, and artwork of all kinds. Montreal is a metropolis of singular charm and variety. The newcomer soon discovers that the city has everything needed for pleasant living — an absorbing history, a rich and varied culture, outstanding cultural and recreational facilities, an efficient public transportation network, and comfortable and attractive housing.

The general standard of living compares to that of Washington and other large cities of the northeastern U. The population of Montreal includes a wide variety of ethnic groups which, in the Canadian tradition, proudly maintain their discrete individuality. Two-thirds of the population speaks French at home. Twenty percent are native English speakers but fully two-thirds of the population speak and understand English. Of an estimated 65, U. Additionally, thousands of Americans visit Montreal each year.

While the post is actively involved in many important areas, the largest activity is providing consular services. Some 23, nonimmigrant visa applications are processed annually to citizens of more than nationalities.

Immigrant visa processing for all of Canada has been handled in Montreal since The American Citizen Services unit has a steady high-volume workload, handling the consular needs of the U.

The public affairs officer, who provides support throughout Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces, manages the outreach program as well as the more traditional programs such as international visitors. Responsible also for economic and political reporting, the Public Diplomacy Section reports on issues ranging from agricultural affairs to sovereignty polls. Overall reporting activity for the Province of Quebec is shared with the Consulate General in Quebec City, which has primary responsibility for political matters since the provincial capital and legislature are located in that city.

There are 40 Foreign Service National employees. Consular clients and visitors to the Consulate General use a dedicated public-access entry at the side of Place Felix- Martin, at Rue St.

Alexandre, and a dedicated elevator. All other functions of the Consulate General are located on the 20th floor. The duty officer, who is contacted after office hours through an answering service, handles emergencies involving American citizens outside of regular hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. The telephone number at the Consulate General is —; the fax number in the Administrative Section is — The U.

The Mission is headed by an ambassadorial-ranked U. The Deputy U. Mission telephone number is —, fax is — Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U. Customs Service, and the U. The Department of Agriculture Federal Grain Inspection Service has a resident inspector in Montreal who also covers several smaller port cities along the St.

Lawrence River. Hubert, a Montreal suburb. Newly assigned personnel should inform the post as soon as possible of travel plans, shipment of effects, and whether reservations for temporary lodging are needed. This should be done early to ensure convenient accommodations. Personnel arriving by car may phone or e-mail the Consulate General for information and directions before departing from the U. If post has sufficient notice, maps and directions may be sent by mail.

Montreal City maps are available locally from the Quebec Tourist Office, which also has Information Centers on major highways leading toward the city. It has modern accommodations with full kitchen facilities, a small swimming pool, exercise and laundry rooms, and limited parking.

The hotel is located about 8 blocks from the Consulate General, about a minute walk. The hotel accepts small pets, both dogs and cats. The Marriott Residence Inn, as well as similar, though less comfortable or convenient apartment hotels, is within the temporary housing allowance. The consul general occupies a Government-owned residence 1.

This handsome vintage graystone house was redecorated in The color scheme emphasizes blue, white, and red with black accents. The house is situated on a steep slope on the south side of Mount Royal. The main entrance, public rooms, and the small single car garage are located on the third of five floors. The main kitchen is located one floor below and was completely renovated in There is no elevator.

The house is fully furnished except for pictures, books, bric-a-brac, etc. All other employees reside in privately leased or owned quarters. It generally takes employees 1—2 months to find permanent quarters, depending on arrival time. The greatest selection of housing is advertised between April and July. There are many modern apartment buildings in most sections of Montreal.

Many have swimming pools, communal sundecks or terraces, enclosed garages, saunas, and supervised recreation centers for children. Some employees prefer townhouses or duplexes.

Except in the suburban areas 15 miles or more from the Consulate General, it is very difficult to find a detached house for rent within the housing allowance. Whether garage space, snow removal, and other services are included in the rent or charged extra is subject to negotiation between the landlord and the tenant.

Rents compare to those in large U. Rents are increasing, but every effort is being made to keep allowances in line. In the increasingly more costly and restrictive housing market, longer term leases are becoming more difficult to obtain as owners want to remain flexible and able to sell their properties. Most leases terminate on June 30 or September 30, regardless of the beginning date of the lease. Employees approaching the end of their tour of duty should not allow their lease to automatically extend for a full year, but should seek renewal on a month-to-month basis or for a term to coincide with their estimated date of departure.

Some employees have chosen to purchase rather than rent houses, but those considering this avenue must be aware of IRS tax regulations covering the use of living quarters allowance for application against a mortgage and tax deductions granted for personally owned quarters.

Housing prices rose sharply between and , but have recently begun to level off. Furnished quarters for long-term lease are very difficult to find in Montreal. No Government-owned furniture is available for rented quarters.

Because of the favorable U. Diplomatic and consular officers have duty-free privileges in Canada at all times. Some unfurnished apartments, duplexes, and suburban houses have gas or electric ranges and refrigerators. Many have wall ovens and other common kitchen features such as dishwashers and microwaves.

A few duplexes and suburban houses are equipped with washers and dryers. Most apartment houses have communal coin-operated automatic washers and dryers. Most of the best known U. Some new apartments have wall-to-wall carpeting, curtains, and draperies, but hardwood floors and blinds are the general rule. Window styles and sizes are rarely standard and not usually the same as those in the U. Whenever possible, it is best to wait until you have located and leased your permanent quarters before identifying which items of furniture and furnishings you wish to bring to Montreal from long-term storage.

Storage space, especially in apartments, is often scarce. Apartments, duplexes, and houses are centrally heated with either electric, gas or fuel oil furnaces or with steam radiators. Heat, water, gas, and electricity may be included in the rent.

Electric current is v, cycle, AC as in the U. In houses, as well as some apartments and duplexes, the tenant may have to pay a water tax plus the cost of all other utilities, depending upon the terms of the lease.

Homes are usually not air-conditioned, and some people install window units in summer. Some house and apartment dwellers buy humidifiers for use in winter to counter the dryness of central heat and dehumidifiers for use in the summer to counter the dampness. Shopping for groceries compares with U. As in the U. The major American food firms, including baby food companies, have plants in Canada, but many processed food items are higher in cost than in the U.

However, the first thing that most guests notice about it is the pattern on the exterior of the sphere, which features birds in flight, leaving a trail of music notes behind them. The interior of Melody has been constructed with black walnut, with an open-concept living space in mind.

Five windows plus a skylight allow plenty of natural light, along with a small sink, cupboards, and a set of dishes. Included in this interior space are benches and two foldable tables, along with a murphy bed that can comfortably fit two people. The Eryn Sphere is made entirely from spruce wood and has been handcrafted to give it a natural appearance. Similar to Luna, Eryn also features five windows with the addition of a skylight in this Included in the design is a small sink and refrigerator, respectable counter space, a cupboard stocked with dishes, a settee, and a slightly undersized double bed with the addition of a smaller loft sleeping space lb weight limit.

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Woss: Highway 19, Vancouver Island. The transportation ministry has issued an invitation to bid for construction of six more fast-charge sites. 10 Day Canadian Rockies with Victoria & Vancouver Ferries between British Columbia and Vancouver Island; Services of English-speaking tour manager.


Rapid Recap: Islanders 6, Canucks 3 | .Canada Day Feature by Burnaby Now – Issuu


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Gannett may earn revenue from Tipico for audience referrals to betting services. Tipico has no influence over nor are any such revenues in any way dependent on or linked to the newsrooms or news coverage. See Tipico. Gambling problem? They posted a record last year and lost in the Play-In Tournament.

Catch the excitement and start betting with Tipico Sportsbook! New customer offer in CO and Home Channels Account Search. Select a Channel DH news The news section. The events section. The real estate section. The sports section. The lifestyle section. The travel section. Jaroslav Halak made 7 saves on 12 shots.

Ilya Sorokin made his 26th start of the season and improved his record to … Zach Parise scored his fourth goal of the season and skated in his 1,th career game… Brock Nelson scored his team-leading 15th goal of the season… Anders Lee buried his 12th goal of the season… Cizikas scored his fourth goal of the season… Barzal scored his 11th goal of the season… Martin scored his second goal of the season… The Islanders’ three first-period goals in 31 seconds was the quickest in franchise history….

Video: Parise, Nelson, Lee each score in 31 seconds. Enter Search Term. Use arrows to navigate between autocomplete results. If no results appear, use Enter to do a full site search. Just heard that Isles deal for Canucks J. Lamoriello is ruthless. Could he have nixed the trade after it leaked?

Both Gillis and Gilman told that story on our show years ago. Is it possible there was a deal for another Canuck player, say defenceman Tyler Myers, who would be more akin to what they wound up getting in Romanov? Is it possible he was initiating Allvin, a rookie, into the club? Or has an axe to grind against the former Penguins executives now in Vancouver?

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